Christian Businesses

Christian Businesses

By Michael J. Lewinski  11/15/18

There are many businesses operating as Christian businesses. Their objective is to follow Christ in being in service to others. If you are a business owner, you should think about following their lead and serve your fellow Man. Kathryn Austin Fitts estimates that if all businesses acted in such a manner, poverty would end and want would be conquered because we are operating at one percent of our GDP potential.

This won’t happen, of course, because of our sinful nature. There are just too many businesses out there taking advantage of their customers and/or employees. Without the spirit of Jesus Christ, we just can’t help ourselves.

Most people are good people. They’re kind, generous, thoughtful and civil with each other. Most of us are familiar with those who are mean-mannered, deceitful, greedy and thoughtless. We are called to bring Jesus to the world. Are you actively doing so?

I expect there are many other Christian businesses in Jasper, Indiana. Newly elected Senator Mike Braun has a Christian business in Jasper. It would be interesting to know how many Christian owned businesses are in Dubois County. There should be associations that bring them together to share their different approaches and attitudes that make them successful. If there are not any now, why not? Could such an association recommend changes in laws that would help other businesses act in a more Christian manner?

There are, of course, no changes in law that can change a person’s heart to act in a more Christian manner. Usually, that can only be accomplished with a personal relationship with Jesus. However, in Indiana’s Senator Mike Braun is a person who can convey to other senators, Congressman and executive and judicial officials those ideas that can transform our economy into a kinder and gentler one.

The people of Indiana need to pray for Senator Mike Braun and those other Christian business owners in Dubois County. Americans need to pray for all the other Christian business owners across the country, as well as for the government officials to see the light and to become the salt of the earth. We the people deserve better. America deserves more peaceful and harmonious communities.   

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