Citizens Demand a Divorce from the Democrats… Citing “Irreconcilable Differences”

Citizens Demand a Divorce from the Democrats… Citing “Irreconcilable Differences”

by Don Rosenberg – 11/10/2020

The American citizens need to divorce the Democrat party, and just as in a marriage, when reconciliation is impossible, the relationship needs to end. The Democrats are being revealed as unfaithful. They have tried to present themselves as the noble guardian of the oppressed parts of our society – minorities, women, workers, immigrants, the elderly, and the poor.

It’s crystal clear now that they’ve been lying, just like a cheating spouse who wants to stay in the marriage, but only has their own interests in mind.

They claim to support African-Americans and say that “black lives matter.” We now can see that they do not care about black lives at all. If they did, they would focus on black lives lost in inner cities due to unchecked violence, they’d support every effort to give black children the best education possible, and they wouldn’t be implementing policies that destroy the black family.

They say they support women, but when an outstanding conservative woman is confirmed to the highest court in the land, they cry foul, and their media doesn’t even cover the story. It’s not women they care about, but liberal women they can control.

They claim to support the elderly, but all they do is scare them into thinking the other side is out to take away their Social Security.

Tuesday’s election has exposed the Left for their lust for power, not caring for anyone but their own interests.

President Trump has successfully reached out to workers and surmounted incredible opposition to enact policies to dismantle regulations and create millions of jobs. Trump fought the Chinese and bad trade deals to bring work back to the United States.

His new coalition includes legal immigrants. If the Democrats cared about Latinos, they wouldn’t encourage hundreds of thousands to enter the country illegally by making them save all their money to pay for the dangerous journey through Mexico, where one third of the women are raped, and children die from the harsh conditions.

Donald Trump has reached out honestly to the Hispanic community by appealing to their desire to work hard and get ahead in this country. He’s opposed tyrannical regimes in Venezuela and Cuba.

He has reached out to the poor, and instead of trying to continue their dependency on the government, he’s advocated for better education, better jobs, and has created opportunity zones in the inner cities.

They have been lying to us when they say they are a noble party that seeks to lift up the poor and oppressed. And, the Left Media has been covering for them all along.

It is simply about their quest for permanent political power and personal financial gain.

Tuesday’s election has brought this all into crystal clear focus. We now see their plan. Democrats know they don’t have the support of the majority of the American people, so they commission polls that say they’re ahead by 10 points, despite the fact that their presidential candidate can barely deliver a coherent sentence. Their only hope of winning is massive voter fraud.

They’ve perfected their techniques in California and are trying to implement them across the country. They legalized “ballot harvesting” which allows political operatives to reach out to the elderly and the poor to “help them with the voting process” and deliver their ballots for them. When the ballot is for Republicans it is thrown away or altered.

They enacted “motor voter” laws so that everyone who applies for a license is automatically registered to vote, regardless of whether they are a legal citizen. This increases the pool of voters they can use to cheat with fraudulent votes.

In the 2018 election, they decimated the Republican congressional contingent from 34 to 17 and helped Pelosi retake the House. In five contested elections in conservative districts where Republicans led at the end of the night, new ballots were “discovered” and all of them lost.

Tuesday’s election has exposed the truth about Democrats’ consistent efforts across the country to implement every possible form of voter fraud. Democrat-controlled states have altered election laws to remove as many safeguards as possible. Republicans have been blocked from monitoring vote counting, and videos are surfacing of tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots being rolled into secure facilities. One report claims that over 130,000 ballots were counted and 100% were for Biden. Project Veritas released a video that alleges voter fraud in Michigan when a postal service worker claimed he was told by his supervisor to change postmarks on mail-in ballots. Last week they reported on a ballot harvester in Texas pressuring voters to change their ballots.

It’s clear that we are in a fight for the very future of our country. The Democrats have made it clear, if they can, this will be the last “free” election in the United States. They admit they will pack the Supreme Court with new liberal judges, pack the Senate with new liberal states, and pack ballot boxes with fraudulent liberal votes.

The Democrats have been exposed for the unfaithful party in the American relationship. We have tried to get along and reconcile, but good faith negotiations are only met with more unreasonable demands. The voting results from Tuesday have shown a dramatic shift in the number of blacks, women, elderly, workers and immigrants who are realizing that the Democrats are not on their side, but just using them for votes.

And when those votes aren’t enough, they cheat. Democrats claim they support minorities and want every vote to count, but not when the minority is composed of members of the other political party.

It’s time to walk away from the Democrat party and go where all Americans, regardless of race, creed, national origin or economic status, are respected and given the opportunity for happiness and success.

We want a divorce.

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