Citizens See Beyond the Charades; but, Just How Deep Is the ‘Deep State’ Swamp?

Citizens See Beyond the Charades; but, Just How Deep Is the ‘Deep State’ Swamp?

By Dennis Jamison —–December 17, 2020

In the wee hours of the morning before dawn on January 25, 2019, more than a dozen FBI agents raided Roger Stone’s home in Florida to arrest him. CNN was miraculously there to film it all. Someone must have had a crystal ball. Stone had done nothing wrong. He testified later that the FBI has utilized “greater force” than was used in operations conducted on drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

For over four years, General Michael Flynn had been harassed by corrupt members of the Department of Justice, and tragically, he and his family went through hell. Mueller’s team really put pressure on General Flynn and coerced him into pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. It is speculated that because he had been former President Barack Obama’s Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for two years, he had too much information about the Obama Administration’s corruption.

He had done nothing wrong, except in the beginning of 2017, he appeared to support President Trump. General Flynn has since been pardoned by the President and is now freely speaking about and acting upon a number of concerns he has—especially regarding the recent “election.”

Another point to this chronicling of corruption within the “Justice” Department occurred as Attorney General William Barr “resigned” last week. But, it turns out he was sitting on a number of key cases—like the Hunter Biden dealings with China and other assorted borderline unethical activities. Additionally, it appears he had been “dragging his feet” on the Durham investigation into the corruption originating from the DOJ during the false allegations against President Trump from even before he began to run for POTUS in 2015. The baseless impeachment efforts only proved he had done nothing wrong.

So much time has been spent in the past four years in painstaking efforts on the part of Democrat legislators and the mainstream media minions to school all American citizens on just how important it is to be vigilant about foreign interference in our internal election procedures that we have learned the lesson they have been teaching. However, when “We the People” see someone like Roger Stone harassed and arrested for truly political purposes, it causes us to wonder about the reality of justice in America. And, when the public watches in shock as a respected general, who served his country for 33 years, is so viciously harassed and forced into a false incriminating plea of guilty, when he had done nothing wrong, we wonder: Who is exempt from such an onslaught?

The election of Donald J. Trump as the POTUS in 2016 triggered the Deep State to become activated and engaged to destroy him at all costs. All of the unusual series of politically motivated events surrounded his election all targeting him, his family, and his friends. A supreme irony during the last four years is that while Trump was publicly sworn to abide by the 2016 election results on national television, the Democrats were obviously under no such constraints.

So, in the past four years, Americans began learning of a shadow government within the federal government—consisting of unelected bureaucrats remaining in their jobs despite political winds of change bringing a new political party and new players into the halls of the federal government. Americans learned that Washington’s cumbersome and powerful bureaucracy could be politically divided despite the naive notion that we were “all on the same team.” Light began shining into the shadows because the Trump team was a bit different. Many with the POTUS were sincere about the hope the government could offer to “We the People.” They began to work to prove their sincerity.

However, not everyone was on the same team. The MSM conveniently refused to cover the exposure of Deep State intelligence operatives who had colluded with a British foreign agent who had been hired for his “professional” services to create suspicion over Trump and his campaign. The MSM has been exposed as well in the light shining into the shadows. Now, after these four years, the light is intense, like the light of the noonday sun where no shadows are cast. The resignation of Barr, the Supreme Court declining to deal with the Texas lawsuit, the state electors certifying Joe Biden as the “president elect”, all reveal how deep and extensive the Deep State’s influence actually is. But, is it only a bunch of “Americans” who don’t really believe in the Constitution?

During the campaign for POTUS in 1960 between Vice President Richard Nixon and Senator John Kennedy, one of the Republican challenges to the support of Kennedy, a Catholic, was whether Kennedy would be more loyal to the pope than the Constitution. The true question in the aftermath of the 2020 election is whether the Democrats as a political party are any longer loyal to the Constitution. The scope of that question must be expanded in light of the recent revelations of how intrusive the Chinese Communist Party has been in our recent election, and how extensive the ties of the Biden family are with the CCP. This is actually the exact concern of the Democrats over the last four years as they harassed, intimidated, and viciously attacked Trump and his allies.

Why is there no concern about foreign interference of the CCP in 2020? Americans are now vigilant over this serious concern thanks to the Democrat leaders in the DNC and in Congress, as well as the steady daily beat of the MSM narrative that instructed U.S. citizens about how destructive collusion with a foreign nation can be during our national elections. Was it not why Stone was arrested? Was it not why Flynn was targeted? Was it not why Trump was “not their president” and why they brought their impeachment charade forth? Where are the concerns now?

“We the People” are now alert to the Deep State, but we never cease to be amazed at just how deep the swamp really is. It seems as if once one swims with the true swamp monsters, and makes deals with them, the corruptive slime does not wash off. It would seem that some of those swamp monsters have long tentacles. The light has shone into the shadows of the swamp to reveal just how corrupt our nation has become. It is totally shameful. There can be no pride in an unjust “Department of Justice.” There can be no trust in those who do not hold to the self-evident truths and the Constitution.

How can we as American citizens permit any more of this? We need to stop listening to the poisonous MSM and those who have shown themselves to be slimed in the swamp. There can be no retreat—no surrender! There can be no surrender until the swamp is drained, and until all the swamps all across the country can be drained. It is the mission we embarked upon when “We the People” elected Donald J. Trump to drain the swamp. It is still the mission, there is just more light to dispel the evil that lurks in the shadows.

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