Coming Late To A Party Is No Reason Not To Dance 

Coming Late To A Party Is No Reason Not To Dance 

By Pastor Earl Wallace 5/5/2020

To those of us, who feel, I am too old to make a difference, please read the following: 

Do not rely on your own strength and let your age cause you to retreat from what God is calling you to do. Just be willing to do it a bit slower! 

Moses was age 80, when God compelled him to lead Israel over the next 40 years, and was 120 when God took him home. The first 40 years of Moses’ life first was spent as an Egyptian royal, enjoying the passing pleasures of sin. The next 40 were spent living as a fugitive from Egypt. Those previous experiences were no reason not spend the last 40 years of his life doing God’s will. 

Older people have wisdom, patience and a much better view of the context America is facing than do younger people, who are raising children and advancing in a career to keep their families housed and fed. Older people are less intimidated to engage in the battle to save America. 

America’s struggle is between people who have a Ten Commandments value system vs. those who don’t! 

I left teaching in my mid 20’s and began working in NYS government, first in environmental epidemiology and then in veterans services. I began realizing something was going wrong with government. At age 36, in 1994 I overturned 40 years of errors and wrongs, and won the largest veterans disability claim in history, when one of my clients obtained a retroactive settlement back to 1954! God was showing me how to unravel government records to distinguish between what is legally mandated (the “red tape”) of implementation policies and what is “politically related to personal agendas, interests and status of those who are in the appointed “good ol’ boys & girls’ club” whose activities undermines the administration of the organizations publicly acknowledged mission and mandates. 

At age 40, I ran for city council of the 10th largest city in NYS because I saw local and state government debt grow 10 fold. I had been on all kinds of intergovernmental committees, and parts of all kinds of intergovernmental initiatives. I thought, “Government is making mistakes, and we just need to figure out how to do things    right and more effectively and efficiently.” 

By my late 40’s, from 2004 – 2008, I was the statewide veterans program administrator of the NYS Dept. of Labor, achieving great things, but doing so while resisting temptation and negotiating the corruption all around me. I realized “Government is not making mistakes, but is operating under a value system that is the opposite of God’s Ten Commandments. The higher up I went, the more the ranks were filled with the same kinds of people, who had the same religion even. None of them read the Bible, which explains the unalienable rights with which God endows — as referenced in the Declaration of Independence. 

Those appointed into director, administrator, and commissioner jobs, had this terrible value system that I learned was Adam Weishaupt’s Ten Precepts value system, which is the opposite of the Ten Commandments. Those people’s attitude were, “If I can get away with lying to and stealing from you, shame on you!” Over the years, I actually had two bosses pound on the desk, and tell me, “If you don’t learn to lie, you never are going to get anywhere!” During a transition from one Democratic administration to another, I was given an ultimatum to put unqualified people who were not veterans   into veterans jobs. When I said, “No”I was fired. It was 2008, and I had just found a publisher for “The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating your Mission, Resources  and Context,” which I completed in 2009, while unemployed, 

In late 2009, I was selected to help the Iraqi government form its federal department of veterans affairs. The program ended in March 2010. I began a leadership development consulting business and speaking at Tea Party events on “Leadership To Renew America’s Values,” espousing that the Ten Commandments were the value system America’s Founders codified in the Ten Bill of Rights, each of which is designed to compel government to treat “We-the-people” according to God’s commandments. 

If I am at war with you, and you don’t know it, guess who wins? 

In 2011, an Arabian training company that operates in The Middle East, Asia, Europe and America, asked me to design training programs based on The Three-Dimensional Leader. In 2012, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a Kuwaiti engineer who identified himself as a jihadist took me to lunch and dinner. He explained how Islam was going to impregnate and destroy Western civilization. He challenged me to go to YouTube and search for “Immigration or Asylum Seeker Rapes and Riots in Europe.” I was skeptical that there could even be videos about such things, but I was shocked to see how many there were. I was appalled by the pictures of European women in hospitals with their faces completely disfigured from savage beatings. I saw films of men sneaking up behind women and sucker punching them. Men confronting women to wear traditional garb, and when they said “No,” being beaten, knocked to the ground and stomped on. Men molesting women in swimming pools and on beaches. A war was taking place, and   one side, the Europeans, were unaware that it was. 

I came late to the party, and it took me a while to learn how to dance. 

The last thing the jihadist said to me was, “You people are doomed, because you don’t know how to defend your culture. We will use every freedom against you!” That started me on a two year search to discover what really is American culture, and how do you defend it? 

In 2014, my search culminated with God leading me to start Liberty Christian Fellowship Church to teach how the Bible applies to every aspect of life, including civics. America was founded upon the application of the Bible to civics; not on “Separation of Church and State” (SOCS). There is “The Biblical Basis of America’s Bill of Rights.” The concept of “Separation of Church and State” (SOCS), is a phrase that does not appear in the Bible, nor in the US Constitution. Yet non-Bible reading people, both religious and non-religious, have used it to communicate that the Bible has no relevance in America’s social and civic outcomes! This concept has fundamentally undermined and eroded how America was founded on the belief that “our Creator has endowed us with unalienable rights!” The absolute importance of that belief is why the First Amendment begins with “Freedom of Religion!” 

The root determines the fruit! 

  • If Islam prevails as the ruling philosophy of culture and government administration, a Medieval society is the outcome, as the individual is subject to the barbarism of the ruling ecclesiastic and monarchical class. 
  • If humanism prevails as the ruling philosophy of culture and government administration, a self-centered society is the outcome, as the individual is subject to the indifference of the ruling ecclesiastic and monarchical class. 
  • If Biblical Christianity prevails as the guiding philosophy of culture and government administration, The Declaration of Independence and The First Amendment of The US Constitution is the outcome, so the individual is respected as the equal before God along with the others who serve them and society in ecclesiastic and governing offices. 

The solution is a modest proposal to help people become disciples of Christ, who apply the Bible to every aspect of life, including civics! 

Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” 

Our Liberty Christian Fellowship mission is to help people overcome deceptions by learning how to apply the Bible applies to every aspect of life, including politics, government operations and civics. Deceived people resist hearing about America’s Biblical foundation. So we teach the Bible free from the false paradigm of “separation of church and state” (SOCS), which deceives the church into abandoning politics, a malady from which almost all of Christianity suffers. We teach the Bible to show its application to every aspect of life, including politics and civics! 

You can participate in this mission by becoming a Liberty Offsite Body of Christ Community (LOBOCC) facilitator to build relationships and invite people to a Bible study that views one of LCF’s teaching series. You go to the LCF website, and download message bulletins that contain the fill-in notes sheets you and your friends will complete together, as you view LCF teaching videos. 

Pause the videos as often as you and your guests/team likes and discuss the information. In this way, you disciple the body of Christ to apply the Bible to every aspect of life. 

Sermon and message preparation notes also are provided for you to download, so you have additional background information that may equip you to answer questions. But keep in mind, the Holy Spirit is in all the believers who are attending, and He may provide answers, insights and solutions through them that help all in attendance grow! 

You may be feeling that America is lost, and it is. But that is no reason why it can’t find its way to Christ! 

You may be feeling that “I only know a few people, and I’m not sure they will come.” Invite them anyway, and encourage them to invite others, as well! 

You may be feeling awkward, because it is so late, and we are just figuring out what to do. While this is true, let’s remember why God has awakened us! 

Coming late to the party is no reason to sit on the side lines, especially when there’s an invitation to dance! 

Use this LCF website link to begin to explore how God can use you as a LOBOCC facilitator in such a time as this. 

For Christ and Country, 

Pastor Earl Wallace 

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