Congressional Budget Office: Biden’s New Punching Bag

Congressional Budget Office: Biden’s New Punching Bag

Democrats are getting ready to mug the referee who presided over the analysis and scoring of Joe Biden’s Godzilla spending bill.

The Congressional Budget Office looks as if it’s about to disappoint Democrats with its estimate of how much money can be raised by doubling the size of the IRS to chase down taxpayers. The CBO may also find that other major parts of the Biden plan cost up to $1 trillion more than original Democratic estimates of the cost.

At the same time, White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates pretended to claim that the CBO’s conclusion would be old news and best forgotten quickly: “This is something that has been known for months and everyone is on the same page.”

Pushing through this travesty of a bill is no way to run Congress or set government policy. It should be viewed as an embarrassment of epic proportions.


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