Conservative Reformation

Conservative Reformation

By Michael J. Lewinski  08/01/19

As I have noted before, progressive leftism is a force for chaos. They are united against the conservative reformation which is taking place and that they dearly fear. This is so because leftist progressivism and constitutional conservativism cannot coexist.

Conservatives and moderates have a hard row to hoe because the Progressives and their allies are helped and supported by the media handmaidens with their deceptions and lies. The mainstream media is truly the enemy of the people. They are our enemies just like the democratic progressive socialists are our enemies.

Look at what the progressive Democrats are advocating. They want to take over the entire health system, giving no one a choice about their healthcare with their own private insurance. They are also interested in taking over the energy sector with their Green New Deal. They want to replace reliable fossil fuels to power our transportation system with unreliable alternatives like sun and wind.

With the Green New Deal, they want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, thus destroying many entry-level jobs. Have no fear, however, they want to provide a guaranteed basic income which no one can live on when the robots displace those workers.

These progressive Democrats not only want to take over healthcare and the economy, but also our lives. They want to take away our guns. They want to take away our religious freedom and the right of conscience. They want to dictate how we educate our children and grandchildren. There is no limit to how they want to control us.

Conservatives and moderates have a way to press forward with the conservative reformation and candidates who support competitive, free-market capitalism, our Bill of Rights, and the right to life. Choose candidates who support your right to educate your children however you decide and who advocate for freedom. Progressive Democrats do not. They advocate tyranny.


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