Conservative Weakness

Conservative Weakness

By DJ Haugh – 3/28/21

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article encouraging Conservatives to fight the good fight and never give up. For those who missed it, here’s the link:

Sadly, I need to temper the optimistic tone of that article with some real-life facts. While this may be somewhat depressing, it’s important for all of us to realize the rules of this game are different for Left and Right.

Not only that, the deck is stacked against those of us on the Right side of the argument (see what I did there?). To succeed, we need to be aware of the pitfalls and the best way to overcome them.

Pitfall number one – thinking an argument will overcome a Liberal tenet. Any argument, no matter how cogent, will be met with scorn, derision and most times the Liberal answer to everything –  accusations of hate.

“I just think kids should be kids, let them work out their sexual preferences when they are old enough to deal with any consequences. Why subject them to discussions of sexuality when they’re still in kindergarten?”

“How Neanderthal of you – you must be a homophobe.”

Another trick, change the subject and the direction.

1970s – “We have to change what we’re doing, our machines are going to cause an Ice Age.”

It never happens – the Left goes on to other things.

2000s – “Global warming is the greatest threat to mankind ever. In a few years the polar ice caps will be melting.”

It never happens. And finally, some people who believe shifts in temperatures are a natural phenomena call them out for the change from “Ice Age to Global Warming.”

2015 – “Climate change is the greatest existential threat to humanity ever.”

Any argument from Conservatives is met by …

“Science DENIER!”

Do Liberals ever address their failed policies?

Does the family dog ever stop barking when the doorbell rings?

Imagine for just one moment a Liberal saying, “You know the idea of pouring money into public education without holding schools and teachers accountable hasn’t been working. Maybe we should experiment with something like school choice and see if there’s a difference in results.”

Or, “You know, maybe this War on Poverty thing should be revisited. We’ve poured billions into welfare benefits and encouraged behavior that has had unintended consequences. Do you think some empirical evidence might lead us in a different direction?”

My mind reels at the thought of such an event. Invariably the Left’s answer to its many and varied failures in policy over the past half-century is to first call those who point out any failures racist, sexist, homophobic or any invective they think might stick.

Then, they toss more money at it.

The Leftist positions help to illustrate the uphill battle Conservatives face and the difficulty of prevailing over the long haul. The easiest way to understand this is by first understanding the most basic differences in Conservative versus Liberal philosophy.

Conservatives believe individuals are capable of directing their own lives. Liberals believe many people are incapable of succeeding without people (like themselves) to help them out.

Liberals are interested in controlling anything and everything they can get away with. Conservatives believe in letting people sink or swim on their own.

Liberals believe they are so much smarter than others they have the right to control much of their lives. Conservatives believe most are quite capable of surviving and thriving without the interference of any person, group or government into their lives.

In short, Liberals believe in and seek power. Conservatives believe in and seek liberty.

Proof? I give you “Obamacare” (now threatening to be Bidencare) and gun control. Believe me, there are lots more examples. You aren’t smart enough to know whether or not health insurance is right for you so we’ll fine you for not participating. We’ll also restrict gun ownership to the point where only criminals and the elite will be able to possess them.

A couple points to wrap up.

First, why common sense arguments fail when directed at many on the Left, it falls to me to quote Thomas Sowell, one of the most intelligent Conservatives around. “The very commonness of common sense makes it unlikely to have any appeal for the anointed. How can they be wiser and nobler than everyone else while agreeing with everyone else?”

Finally, to the premise of this article – why the fight is uphill, and the deck is stacked against us. Liberals will never just go away – their very reason for existing is in controlling us and telling us what to do. They must be confronted at every turn and exposed for the failings that their policies and beliefs are responsible for.

Where the most effective leaders of the Conservative movement will never stay in the political arena, the most effective Leftists will literally spend their entire careers and lives in Washington, D.C. making our lives miserable.

Understand, Conservatives want to restrain Government, Liberals want to unleash it to control anything and everything they can.

Liberals will always have an influence/presence in the centers of political power. It is their entire reason for being. Conservatives view politics as a necessary evil – a price that must be paid by some to ensure the freedom of all.

Because a Liberal is likely to never leave a power center except by force, one Liberal in D.C. equals two or three Conservatives in terms of impact.

Conservatism’s only recourse is to engage every Liberal idea immediately and vigorously.

Liberal ideas are invariably infringements on liberty.

It’s been said “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Conservatives need to be vigilant to ensure liberty survives.

One more quote from Winston Churchill (you’ve seen this before):

“Never give up, never give in.”


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