Considering the “Shoot Them Dead” order of President Rodrigo Duterte

Considering the “Shoot Them Dead” order of President Rodrigo Duterte

By Nowell C. Dacanay 4/13/2020

Please consider this perception of the “Shoot Them Dead” statement of President Duterte in regards to his efforts to enforce the shelter in place restrictions due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let me begin by giving my personal discernment over the Presidency of Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PDu30) of the Republic of the Philippines.First and foremost, I personally think that clearly Duterte is not (yet) the most perfect president the Philippines could ever wish and/or hope for. Certainly, he is not infallible and he definitely has conspicuous flaws. But, I do think he is a conscientious and responsible necessary evil, if not essentially good, and one that the Philippines needed this time, considering objectively the present Philippine scenarios politically, socio-economically, culturally and demographically. 

The Philippines needed a strong disciplinarian man with a deep heart for the masses like a diligent father in a good family would and should have. With his presidency, the Filipinos could finally discern and delineate what had been wrong all these past years. Most Filipinos had been enlightened and awakened of what has corroded the essential foundations of our statehood and nationhood, demarcating the lines between the truth and the lies that were long intertwined over the years of political deceptions and manipulations. Now we have a clear-cut rationale and qualification benchmark in choosing the future political leaders of our country. 

Filipinos had a resurging experience as true Maharlikans (noble warriors). We have mustered ourselves back again to our sense of original identity and responsibility as true patriots of our nation which we have tended to forgo in the past when we started to lose our true value as Filipinos/Maharlikans, as we were confronted with the adverse realities that overwhelmed the Philippines in the many aspects of the people’s lives in the past.

My personal view of the “Shoot Them Dead” statement of President Rodrigo Duterte was that it was crude, blunt, blatant, callous, unmerciful, and unexpected, or unbecoming, of him as a statesman as it may seem. There was some sense of indignation that led to such a statement. Knowing his background as an impulsive and “action-now” mayor of the masses, it seems it has already become his “good” habit to speak plainly without colours or without being sanctioned by political correctness, that is, to just get to the heart of the matter, to the bottom of what really matters most at hand without having to beat around the bush as most traditional politicians would.

Why was the President Duterte indignant, if not angered, which somehow led him to say “Shoot Them Dead” in the first place?

As people may have already contextualized from the full clip of the video, it was directed to the Leftist group that was inciting anarchy, or disobedience on the streets, while the entire society is on the lockdown or in an “Enhanced Community Quarantine” mode in an effort to contain and control, if not to completely eliminate yet, the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. 

The group is called “Kadamay” or “Sympathizer” (in English) presents themselves deceptively as the allies of the poorest of the poor, the undersourced, the underserved, the deprived, the depressed, the marginalized sectors of the Philippine society. Mostly, the people they claim to be concerned about are what we would call people without a home they could call their own, or “informal settlers” to the politically correct language of a diplomatic politician. But they were once tagged simply as “squatters” until the good sociologists and legislators in the Philippines found it too downgrading, malicious, brute, cruel or hurtful. 

It is true that the undersourced, the underserved, the deprived, the depressed needed the sympathy and empathy of those in the middle and upper classes of the society and the government as they are considered also as essential citizens of the country. But, over the years, they abused the sympathy and empathy afforded to them in general. They were given relocation areas (with houses and lots) arranged by the government   so they could live decent lives, so they could have a home they could call their own. 

They were given an amortization plan according to their means and income-capacity,   so they could completely own the units awarded to them. But, what most of them did is either sell those properties, go back to their “squatting lives” in the cities, or rent those properties to somebody else. They’re making the sympathy and empathy afforded to them the capital of their business, that is, “professional squatting.” Most of these people are lollygaggers, jobless, gossipers, ne’er-do-wells, happy-go-luckies, carefree street- gamblers…  They are just basically watching unmindfully the world turn from day to night without even knowing and realizing it. 

In other words, these are people who do not understand about “personal responsibility.” They are too overwhelmed with complacency, self-absorption, mediocrity, pretentiousness and procrastination as they sank into the slough of despondency of their own making. They have not seen the promising horizon of independence, and that’s why they could not understand and perceive the beauty and power of inter-dependency. They are too dependent in almost everything, that’s why, what they could only think is to blame the government and those virtually above them for their misfortunes and for their being irresponsible — such false sense of self-entitlement. 

Filipinos are truly resilient people in general. The problem is, they have applied this resiliency to romanticize poverty. They think the government should provide them everything. Surely, there were faults too in the government, especially in the past with the corrupt and manipulative traditional politicians. But, that doesn’t mean, they or we were not part of the problem too. The problem is really deeply seated into our diverse culture.

As we had already known, communists falsely present themselves as the friends, protectors, allies, comrades and defenders of the oppressed. But, they actually are the oppressors and conflict-instigators themselves. They penetrate and inject communities with Left-leaning ideas to go against any government, whoever is there in the positions of responsibility. In the near past, Kadamay led the squatting of government houses that were supposed to be awarded to the soldiers who serve the country and, unscrupulously called it their own. That they have the right to squat them, while others are working so hard, working very hard just to be able to provide for their families and afford decent lives. Ironically, the leaders of Kadamay are actually in the average or even above average class in the society. Some of them are even property owners and have some businesses of their own. It is like the “George Soros” type of situation. 

So this is what the Left does… They basically do not want peace and order as the main policy of the society. That’s why the Left intentionally violated the ECQ order of President Duterte, to provoke the president and make him do or say what he does or says best — that is, to say complex words out of anger, for the cameras of the liberal media to take only a clip that fits to their perverted agenda. 

I think it is normal for any police or military personnel to defend themselves when they are under threat or duress, especially if the threat is clearly and presently lethal, fatal and hazardous to the frontliners’ lives. And, this is exactly what the Kadamay did. They intentionally violated the order to distance socially and stay home amidst this COVID-19 outbreak; therefore, they are endangering the lives of the many. And unfortunately, the participants of that protest were those poor souls that were deceived by the Kadamay… who were made to believe that Kadamay truly sympathize with them as their real ally and friend. But truly, behind them, was the Communist Party of the Philippines. Of course, they will deny it. But, their identity is already an open social book.

If you one were president, what could be done to protect and preserve the public good?

“I’m willing to suffer in hell as long as my people live in paradise.” – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Republic of the Philippines.


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