Constitution Threatened if Senate Accepts Corrupted Impeachment Process

Constitution Threatened if Senate Accepts Corrupted Impeachment Process

By Kathleen Hall 1/27/2020

Some Republicans believe agreeing to have witnesses in the impeachment trial in the Senate may be a benefit to our President if evidence proving misinformation presented by Democrats can result. But as Mark Levin, one time chief of staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese during the Reagan administration, makes clear this is not an option. Doing so will put the nail in the coffin of the damage the House has done to the Constitutional process of impeachment. Levin  is currently host of a nightly “Town Hall” – Levin TV, “Life Liberty & Levin” on Fox News Sunday nights at 8 pm, and a daily radio talk show host.

According to our Constitution, impeachment articles must show “Bribery, Treason and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Because these could not be shown, the Democrats changed the language for such articles to “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.” They did this without voting on an amendment as required to make changes to our Constitution, they just did it! They dare to do this in plain sight, as they extoll the sanctity of our Constitution, and how much it means to them in these proceedings. No previous impeachment has needed to change Constitutional language in order to present articles to impeach a President. 

The Senate’s job is to decide if what was sent to them in the way of articles and evidence was conclusive and warrants a trial. It is not their job to help the House make a case it didn’t substantiate in the first place. The impeachment committee did not want the court to decide on whether to force witnesses they subpoenaed to testify.

Could it be that a ruling of the right of a President to have Executive Privilege to protect his inner circle of advisers and therefore protect the office of the presidency now and for future presidents would have stopped them dead with the plan they are pursuing now to bully, pressure, threaten and shame, (yes, they have no shame) Republican senators to go along with voting for witnesses? This while telling us how important it is to protect our Constitution. If their effort to pervert, distort and destroy our Constitutional process for impeachment is successful, it will become easy to undo any election, any time.

In America, our blessing of the peaceful transfer of power in our elections is what has kept us a free, peaceful and safe country. We do not need to always agree, but we know we have the vote to settle it at the ballot box. What are we in store for if they succeed in this travesty?

Mark Levin is also very thorough in his history lesson of all the bribery and treason by past presidents that did not cause thoughts of impeachment. Many crimes, in fact, are the work of those behind this impeachment plan. Call your senators and let them know we expect them to honor their pledge to protect our Constitution. Go to Mark Levin TV and watch Mark’s “Opening Statement to the Senate” regarding this impeachment trial. An informed electorate can save our Constitution. 


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