Corporate dupes – easy marks (Marx?) for BLM bagmen

Corporate dupes – easy marks (Marx?) for BLM bagmen

By A. Dru KristenevSeptember 7, 2020

Modern big business has been overrun by management trained in Marxist universities. Having no clue that free enterprise is the driving force behind profitable commerce, business graduates now view the word “profit” as evil. The contradiction in literal terms is turning corporate America upside-down, making business pawns of society rather than leaders.

The scam of the century is on display, recorded by armies of camera-wielding “protesters.” Buckling to the roiling crowds burning and pillaging all within their grasp, corporations are willingly and foolishly paying protection money for a service that doesn’t exist. The mobs, copying the modus operandi of 20th Century mafiosos, are giddily extorting billions of dollars from corporate dupes who think they can buy appeasement of uncontrollable looters whose only interest is acquiring ill-gotten goods.

Accusing corporations of “white privilege” Black Lives Matter bagmen are hauling in “donations” to call off their goons. Except BLM has no intention of curbing their destruct squads or telling them to stand down. The money is being used to arm the vandals with more and more lethal weapons that demolish the businesses corporate leaders think they’re shelling out good money to save.

It’s a racket taking politicians and commerce leaders for patsies. Cajoling, coddling and feeding tantrums encourages more bad behavior. Any parent with common sense could counsel corporate enablers with that tidbit of advice.

The politicians, on the other hand, have a different motive – just as foolish but different. They believe that they can keep a handle on the volatile mobs and use them to achieve their own ends of seizing power from the people who elected them to office. But you can’t control an unruly rabble. They will turn on anyone who seeks to placate or direct their turbulent anger.

The mayors of Portland, St. Louis, Seattle and other cities suffering unending riots are seeing the result of letting the mob have its way. When the throngs came looking to surround and burn the houses of those who vocalized support for Antifa and BLM, the political hacks ran for their lives or finally called the police to protect them from the protection racketeers.

City councils that have voted to and begun dismantling their law enforcement organizations are reaping what they have sown – unending violence and destruction. But it hasn’t stopped there.

In Chicago, approximately three dozen gangs have made a pact to shoot any LEO that brandishes a firearm in the course of doing their duty. If any local alderman or elected city official has commented on the growing lawlessness of their metro area, it hasn’t been widely publicized. And if they are inclined to think there may be an upside to such an agreement among criminals, they’d best reconsider. Honor among thieves is a myth. The gangland pact will dissolve as soon as one perceives they’ve been disrespected by a member of a rival crew.

Senator Rand Paul, who was surrounded and threatened by a mob in Washington, D.C. after President Trump’s acceptance of the Republican Party nomination, has put into motion a query about who bankrolls the violent protests in most major American cities. Part of the investigation doesn’t have to go any further than the corporate chumps who have been funneling, not millions, but billions into so-called non-profits that support directly and indirectly the Marxist terror organization calling themselves Black Lives Matter. They are essentially funding their own demise by promoting a movement that despises law enforcement, which means the big box stores and online merchants won’t get assistance when the mobs descend on the commercial centers and warehouses.

What rational corporation virtuously advertises how they’re spending big bucks with criminals destroying their businesses that took decades to build? This is the result of 60 or more years educating students to disparage and even hate the free society that gave them the energy to power the omnipresent electronics with which these wealthy young thugs (like the NYC Upper East Side woman arrested for rioting) record all their criminal activity.

More than once, I and other writers have drawn attention to historical cases of rudderless mobs turning on their supporters and eventually on their own leaders – Robespierre, who was guillotined by his followers, and Trotsky for two examples.

This election cycle is wholly about choosing between polar opposites of individualist equal opportunity, wealth-generating free enterprise and anger-stoked elitist, entitled socialist privilege. Big business had better figure out that trying to straddle that fence is, not just counter-productive but, suicidal.

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