Corporate Suicide

Corporate Suicide

By Michael J. Lewinski 07/10/20

Black Life Matter is a terrorist Communist group that is being funded by American corporations and others. This gives credence to the declaration made by Russian leaders in the 1960s. They said “We will bury America and give us the rope with which we will hang ourselves.”

There are many corporations that gave millions of dollars. Here is a list of some of these companies that collaborate with Black Lives Matter Communist organization. Ganni is a clothing company that donated $75,000. DoorDash donated a half-million dollars. Amazon is donating ten million dollars to 12 groups which included Black Life Matter. Gatorade is giving Black Life Matter a half-million dollars. Microsoft is giving $250,000. Ritz Crackers is donating $500,000,

Many of these private companies are also the Corporations that are censoring Conservatives, as a noted earlier in another essay. I explained how you could fight this Progressive assault on our society.

What is it with all these private companies wanting to usher in a Communist government? Do they have a death wish? Do they not have any concern at all for their shareholders and their families?

I can’t explain it. I can only chalk it up to the madness of our times. God allows people who gravely sin against him to go mad. With the murder of unborn children, homosexual marriage, and the greed that characterizes our times, I can see God allowing us to go mad.

What better way to punish us than the imposition of a Communist system on the United States of America? That would result in the loss of our rights guaranteed by the Constitution and other founding documents. It would result in the loss of some of our lives before firing squads and in concentration camps for those who cannot be re-educated.

The most important thing we can do to get rid of this threat is to appeal to God for wisdom to make good decisions, repent of our sins, begin to follow His laws again, and begin to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. Then research the candidates and find those who are Christian and Conservative and vote for them. People like President Trump will drain the Progressive swamp.

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