Corruption Has Consequences

Corruption Has Consequences

By  —— Bio and ArchivesJanuary 11, 2021

When Obama wanted to get his way, legal or not, he liked to say elections have consequences. Well, corruption has consequences. Much of what we are seeing today is the result of decades of political, civil, social and academic corruption and upheaval, much of it instigated by a political party with a nefarious agenda.

Politicians have long turned their backs on a now frustrated citizenry. Their refusal to listen to anything average Americans have to say and the inability of citizens to get the attention of a political establishment has given Donald Trump, will all his faults, a voice bigger than they ever could have imagined. And they hate him for it. They despise him for meeting the people where they are, huddling with them at their level, even having a Big Mac, and knowing he enjoyed it. The voters finally had a President that was going to take care of them. And he did.

The opposition went out of their way to destroy him, even kicking him when he was down. How anyone could withstand years of that kind of abuse and still achieve such monumental successes tells me God was with him.

In a moment of rare candor during the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a ‘basket of deplorables.” For that brief moment, her Party revealed a level of contempt for more than half of the country, the hard-working Americans, supported by an equally sanctimonious and complicit press.

When mobs of Antifa and BLM terrorists in cities all across the country and politicians under the guise of health destroy people’s livelihoods and the neighborhoods they live in, the politicians go silent, displaying apathy. But when their turf is invaded, their fury comes alive, their indignation aroused, their ‘righteousness’ on full display. The ruling class reminds us that we are a nation of laws, but I ask, for whom? People see this for what it is…selfish disregard and hypocrisy. A party that condones the killing of unborn children right up to birth should not preach morality to anyone.

We do not condone any violence or the destruction of government property, whether building or statue. But we do expect our representatives to show the same concern, the same rage for our property loss, the injury to our persons and well-being. Their silence and inaction has done a great deal to normalize violence.

Politicians today are guilty of the worst kind of malpractice. An entire political party (and a good measure of their opposition) has decided that the majority of people that do the work, pay the taxes, adhere to our laws, are the problem. The good common folk are constantly smeared, called racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, whatever. And we’re sick of it. Democrats now cater to the lawless, the deviant, the takers. The people have been pushed to the breaking point and now many of them are showing their frustration. The elite, looking down from their perch at the rest of the country, use contempt instead of wisdom, ranter instead of self-correction, and say, ‘see I told you so.’

The salacious media and politicians on both sides of the fence did everything they could to ruin an exceptional presidency. They devised a resistance movement using a phony Russian dossier from Clinton, a corrupt FBI leadership, impeachment, a plandemic to create the not-to-go-to-waste chaos we have lived with for over a year, and a totally fraudulent election a moron could see, just to seal the deal. And hardly a politician found anywhere to call it what it was.

There are probably very few in Washington that are asking, ‘How could this happen?’ They undoubtedly have no sense of inner self. More than half of this country is angry and rightfully so. No one is listening to them. And the one President who did is being railroaded out of office. I have heard enough of the Left and so many of our corrupt institutions with their haughty tongues call for evidence of a stolen election and then sneered as they refused to look at it. Our state legislatures, the courts, our Supreme Court gave us no relief valve, no hearing. It was like talking to deaf people.

Democrats are conducting an insurgency operation against the United States while calling the defenders insurgents, typical Democrat tactic.

I have doubts our new leadership will learn anything from their experience, especially from a tired bunch of retreads coming up with an agenda they feel is greater than the people who have to pay for it and live with it.

Corruption has consequences, indeed.

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