Cory Booker Thinks He Can Confiscate Our Guns Without Force

Cory Booker Thinks He Can Confiscate Our Guns Without Force

Courtesy of Def-Con News

Democrats used to lie that nobody was coming for our guns, but the new more radical Democratic party is running a strict gun confiscation platform. 2020 presidential Cory Booker, however, doesn’t want us to think government troops are going to kick in our doors and take our guns. According to the N.J. Senator, guns will be confiscated as nicely as possible and there will be no force necessary. Apparently he has never actually met someone who values his or her 2nd Amendment rights because this is a bigger fantasy than “free” college or slave reparations.

In this week’s Democratic debate, Beto O’Rourke said, “Hell yes we’re coming for your AR-15.” Cory Booker has a similar plan to ban semi-automatic rifles that liberals think are scary, as well as a confiscation scheme. He went on CNN to try to explain how this will all work.He started off with a little historic irrelevance to justify his gun-grab:

“In the 1980s we said machine-guns don’t belong on our streets and we banned them and we don’t see those in mass shootings and in neighborhoods like mine doing damage,” said Booker.

We never saw machine-guns on the streets or being used in mass shootings before the National Firearms Act was passed, effectively banning full-auto weapons. The thing about the NFA is though, there was no confiscation of machine-guns. Owners got to keep them and they can still be acquired by doing a mountain of paperwork and paying a hefty tax stamp. Booker and the Democrats want to ban and confiscate all semi-automatic weapons, which is an entirely different thing.

And in case there is any doubt about their intentions with semi-automatic rifles:

“These weapons should not be in this country. They should not be allowed to just be accessed by folks who are trying to do such evil things,” said Booker.

Booker was then asked how he would get the tens of millions of semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of law-abiding Americans.

“Yeah, it is mandatory. You have to set up a system to pull them off,” Booker said.

Well that explains nothing. He’s going to set up a system and then all the guns are going to magically disappear?

Booker wouldn’t say specifically how he’d confiscate our guns, but he is very pissed off that Republicans imply that he’s going to confiscate our guns:

“This idea, this imagery that the fearmongers and demagogues try to say of somehow armed police officers showing up and confiscating weapons, that’s the fear-mongering,” said Booker.

If I’m reading Booker correctly, he believes that if he were president, he could make the 2nd Amendment go away and then get everyone to throw their semi-automatic rifles in the recycling bin. This is both the most naive and dumbest thing ever.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to readily surrender a firearm they legally purchased and have a Constitutional right to own.

If someone from the FCC showed up at my house and said I was no longer allowed to own a flat-screen TV and demanded that I turn mine over, I’d tell him to get lost. If he tried to enter my home and confiscate my TV, I would defend my property with appropriate force. Now imagine if the feds came by and asked me to surrender my firearms.

There is no right to keep and bear TVs, though there is one to be secure in your person and property, but there sure is a right to keep and bear arms. People who exercise that right are not the types to roll over to government tyranny, which is why our Founding Fathers included that amendment in the first place.

If Cory Booker wants to test his theory that confiscating our guns will be an easy peaceful process, he can come over to my house for a test run. Molon Labe, Spartacus.


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