Court Bars Father From Teaching 6-Year-Old Son That He is a Boy


Court Bars Father From Teaching 6-Year-Old Son That He is a Boy

by Jason Yates – My Faith Votes

A Texas court has barred a father from teaching his 6-year-old son that he is a boy or from dressing him like a boy – even though the child chooses to be a boy around the dad. The boy, named James, is stuck in a custody case between the father and the mother, who insists the boy is a transgender girl, The Federalist reported. A gender transition therapist diagnosed James with gender dysphoria, and the boy’s teachers at school treat him like a girl, calling him “Luna.” He uses the girl’s restroom. But when the child is around his father, he refuses to be acknowledged as a girl. The mother wants to terminate the father’s parental rights. “James violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home,” the father told Walt Heyer, an expert on gender change who believes the boy has been misdiagnosed. It’s possible James is a confused child who is caught in society’s debate over gender, Heyer wrote. It’s also possible the mother and the therapist are pressing him to be something he is not, Heyer added. The child, at a young age, said he wanted to be a girl. But those feelings apparently are not consistent. read more

The Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians has weighed in on this story and provides valuable insight. She said to PJ Media that this could be a case where James’s mother is suffering from a mental disorder rather than James struggling with gender dysphoria. Dr. Michelle Cretella said, “This case is consistent with a diagnosis of Munchausen by proxy. This is a disorder in which an adult feigns either physical or psychological condition in a child for their own subconscious reasons. Most often the perpetrator is the biological mother, and she often has a background in health or medicine. In the case of imposing gender dysphoria on a son, there are cases in the scientific literature of severe maternal depression triggered in a mother longing for a daughter,” Cretella added. “This has been termed ‘gender mourning.'” You can continue to follow updates on this story here. As Christians, our heart breaks to learn of this story because we believe it is God who determines the gender of each child – each person made in His image (Genesis 1:26-27). We know from Psalm 139 that God did not make a mistake with James’s gender. He created James and knew from the beginning of time who he would be.

Pray for James and his twin brother. Divorce is already painful for children, but this situation is extremely stressful. Pray for their emotional protection and for others to come alongside them and speak truth into their young hearts. Pray for both the father as he fights to protect his son from a changed gender and for the mother to have a change of heart.

It’s critical that we know how to respond to Gender Dysphoria from a biblical perspective. This issue is far too complex to adequately cover in our THINK section, so we encourage you to listen to BreakPoint’s interview with Andrew Walker, author of the book, “God and the Transgender Debate: What Does the Bible Actually Say about Gender Identity?”


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