Covering Up the Lies

Covering Up the Lies

By Michael J. Lewinski – 1/23/21

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the 1776 Commission released a report developed in response to President Trump’s call to promote patriotic education in schools. In the report, the commission argues “schools should reject any curriculum that promotes one-sided partisan opinions, activist propaganda, or factional ideologies that demean America’s heritage, dishonor our heroes, or deny our principles.”

The report states: “Neither America nor any other nation has perfectly lived up to the universal truths of equality, liberty, justice and government by consent. But no nation before America ever dared state those truths as the formal basis for its politics, and none has strived harder, or done more, to achieve them.”

On his first day in office, the presidential pretender canceled the 1776 Commission. At the behest of the Progressives who have captured the Democratic Party, he voided the institution that would expose the lies of the 1619 Project.

In one passage, the 1776 Commission argues that America’s founding fathers should not be seen as hypocrites for espousing freedom despite the existence of slavery in the country.

“The most common charge leveled against the founders, and hence against our country itself, is that they were hypocrites who didn’t believe in their stated principles, and therefore the country they built rests on a lie,” the report says. “This charge is untrue, and has done enormous damage, especially in recent years, with a devastating effect on our civic unity and social fabric.”

These American-hating Progressives will do whatever they have to do to perpetuate their lies. Their power is dependent on their lies. They loathe freedom. They want to take your freedoms from you, and they are doing it now.

Many of us cannot attend church, while others in the same states have complete access to drugs and alcohol and the freedom to abort babies. During the lockdown, some people could not go to a gun store to purchase weapons and ammunition. Even today, some people in Democrat-controlled states cannot earn a living and children cannot attend school in person.

Progressives are evil people. We must reach out to God, in the name of Jesus, and ask Him to deliver us from them.

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