COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Passports’ Are Coming But Voter ID Is Still Racist

COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Passports’ Are Coming But Voter ID Is Still Racist

By DefCon News – 3/29/21

It seems like just yesterday, and it was, that the Liberal media dismissed the idea people would have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to engage in commerce and travel as a wild QAnon conspiracy theory. Today however, that same Liberal media is applauding Joe Biden for working on “vaccination passports” to do just that. Don’t worry, voter ID laws are still racist because proving who you are has its limitations.

CNN reports:

The Biden administration is working on creating a set of standards for people to prove they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, according to an administration official.

The official said they’re currently working with a range of companies on the standards, including non-profits and tech companies, adding that they are likely still weeks away from being finalized.

Multiple government agencies are engaged in conversations and planning, coordinated by the White House, as this kind of system will play a role in multiple aspects of life, including potentially the workforce, another senior administration official told CNN.

You can’t even work without proof of vaccination? Apparently so.

Meanwhile, Georgia just passed a law to cut down on voter fraud that includes having to show ID to vote. While Biden wants everyone to be required to prove they’ve been vaccinated, he doesn’t think the same should be true of voting.


CBS reports:

President Joe Biden called a sweeping elections law signed by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp this week an “atrocity,” and said the Justice Department is “taking a look” at the measure.

The new law includes provisions to require voter identification for absentee ballots, limit the use of ballot drop boxes, give state officials more power over elections and make it a crime to offer voters food and water as they wait in line.

Critics argue that the law disproportionately affects black voters, who were critical to recent Democratic victories. Mr. Biden narrowly won the state in the 2020 election, and Georgia sent two Democrats to the Senate after runoff elections in January.

“It has nothing to do with fairness, nothing to do with decency. They passed the law saying you can’t provide water for people standing in line while they’re waiting to vote? You don’t need anything else to know that this is nothing but punitive, designed to keep people from voting. You can’t provide water for people about to vote? Give me a break,” said Biden.

First of all, it’s not true that Georgia’s law makes it a crime to offer food and water to voters standing in line. Secondly, it wouldn’t be punishing people by not giving them juice and snacks while waiting to vote.

“This law, like so many others being pursued by Republicans in statehouses across the country is a blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience,” said Biden.

But it is Constitutional to require people to show their papers to travel and work? Which constitution is he referring to? The constitution of the Third Reich?

“This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century. It must end. We have a moral and constitutional obligation to act. I once again urge Congress to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to make it easier for all eligible Americans access the ballot box and prevent attacks on the sacred right to vote,” Biden said.

The idea that it’s racist to expect people prove who they are to vote is the actual racism here. Democrats are saying black people are too incompetent to get themselves a valid ID.

When it comes to the vaccination passport, it would get even more racist under Biden’s rule of identification as black people are the group most reluctant to get vaccinated. Black people will be denied their right to move freely, gain employment, and engage in commerce.

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