Crazy Stuff

Crazy Stuff

By Michael J. Lewinski  02/07/20

Pete Buttigieg would halt the construction of our border wall. One has to wonder whether the former Indiana Mayor would sign the New Way Forward act if he was elected, along with a Democratic Senate, when the bill was on his desk. You don’t know about this new immigration bill.

Tucker Carlson recently reported on a bill supported by the Progressive Socialist/Communist Democrats. He said, “The New Way Forward act is the most radical single piece of legislation we’ve seen proposed in this country. It makes the Green New Deal look like the status quo.”

The bill says: “Convictions…should not lead to deportation.” It targets felony convictions and aggravated felonies. Carlson said, “Moral turpitude is a vile, depraved act, like molesting a child. Under the New Way Forward Act, crimes of ‘moral turpitude’ are eliminated entirely as a justification for deportation. And the category of ‘aggravated felony’ gets circumscribed too.

That’s right. This bill would not only abolish your right to control who lives in your own country, but it invents a new right in return: the ‘right to come home.'”

Carlson noted, “The bill orders the government to create a ‘pathway for those previously deported to apply to return to their homes and families in the United States…The Department of Homeland Security must spend taxpayer dollars transporting convicted criminal illegal aliens into the United States. Who will be eligible for these free flights? Tens of thousands of people kicked out of this country for all kinds of crimes. Sexual abuse. Robbery. Assault. Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking.’”

You know what you have to do to stop this crazy stuff from happening in America. You must vote for President Trump instead of the crazy Socialist/Communist Democrats. Vote for good conservatives like Senators Mitch McConnell. In the House Representative Elsie Stefanik, Jim Banks, Jim Jordan, Micah Beckwith, Jeff Duncan, Mark Meadows, Ralph Norman, Randy Weber, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Russ Fulcher, Bradley Byrne, Greg Steube, and many more across the county.

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