Curse of ‘Whiteness’

Curse of ‘Whiteness’

By Jim Bratten – 7/12/21

The Washington Post has a new video series called “The New Normal.” In the first episode, “The Shame of Whiteness,” host Nicole Ellis explained that, for the first time, “White people are becoming aware of their ‘whiteness’ and the systemic ways in which white supremacy affects all of us… In this episode, we’re tackling white racial identity, and why understanding your whiteness is integral to becoming self aware as a white person. I’m Nicole Ellis and this is The New Normal.”

The series features different panelists who participate in a discussion of the topic chosen for that episode. In the first, Ilyse Kennedy, a trauma therapist, gave her concerns about her whiteness: “We’re unpacking wrong things we’ve been taught in history class. I realized that I needed to go back and unpack and reorganize everything that I had learned, because it was completely through a white lens … Most of us, in doing this work, have experiences where there’s a period of deep shame for being white and acknowledging the harms that our ancestors have caused …”

Participants interact with the host and there’s one train of thought allowed – the narrative guided by the Post’s Ms. Ellis. When one participant said, “White people don’t really understand racism,” host Nicole Ellis frowned and the conversation was routed back to the preferred script. Another panelist, also a white woman, was Kelsey Arias, a “crisis interventionist” by trade and “originally from Oklahoma.” Where she grew up, Kelsey said, “…whiteness was the default, whiteness was the comfort… the more you kinda dive into that, the more I’m really realizing how deeply rooted racism is, until like, my everyday thought process, no matter how much you work at that, there’s still even almost more work to be done.”

So, if one is “comfortable in their own skin” (know themselves) they’re really a closeted racist if they are white. They must “discover” that flaw of their birth, denounce their parents for making them that color (or absence of color), and publicly admit their innate “superiority complex” and the “deep shame” they “feel” as they pay penance for their heretofore unknown history of subliminal racism.

Whites are the “oppressors” because they were born that way. Every other color of the human race are the “oppressed” and are victims of the whites. Karl Marx would be impressed. The switch from class conflict to racial division has been quite successful and in a short time the societal division will be irreparable and the fall of America as a free nation will be complete. The last roadblock to world communism will have been overcome by the steady indoctrination of racial hatred from kindergarten on up. It’s being installed in your children’s minds now in every government school in our nation and many private, and even parochial, schools. It’s permeating our society and accelerating the “cancel” of traditional American culture.

And it’s being reinforced by showing examples of the “brain dead”… those who have already been indoctrinated and swallowed the poison. These new dupes of the American Marxists will appear in every episode of the Post’s “The New Normal.”

Sadly, it looks like they will have plenty of participants to choose from. Our government school system and indoctrination centers of “higher” learning are cranking out new activists, fueled by racial hatred, as you read this.

All patriots who value their liberty must make certain this curse of whiteness does not become “The New Normal.”

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