Debate Prep for President Trump

Dear President Trump,

As a debate coach for political candidates it is sometimes excruciating to see good candidates make bad decisions in important debates. In the first debate you were clearly not prepared and thought Biden was so inept that he wouldn’t last five minutes. And all the pressure from the Left is adding up, making you come across as angry and mean – not a good image for someone who needs every vote he can get, especially from conservative women who like your policies, but not your “style.”

You know you must win – the debate and the election; the very future of our country depends on it. Thursday night is the final debate and you need to deliver a knockout blow so big that no amount of censorship, spinning, or lying can save Joe Biden.

The non-bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has announced they plan to turn off your microphone while Biden is talking. This sounds like a bad thing, but actually, if played right, can turn in your favor. Here’s how.

Instead of focusing on Trump’s interrupting Biden you need to focus on the moderator interrupting you. Early in the debate, the first time Kristen Welker interrupts, you need to turn to her and say, “I thought the rules were no interruptions when a candidate is speaking. You ask your question and I have my two minutes to respond however I want. If you want to interrupt me during my time, then it’s you who should be running for president, not Joe Biden. Or do you want me to debate both of you at the same time?”

At every moderator interruption, you should repeat your objection. “Do you want me to answer your question or do you want to keep interrupting me?” and “I thought this was my time to talk, not yours.”

Many voters’ minds have been so poisoned by four years of constant smears and lies, they don’t know what to believe. The advantage of two minutes of uninterrupted time is that it frees you up to tell the American public about the news that has been censored over the last two months and tell your own story.

I coach my candidates to develop an agenda – list the points you want to make and make sure you cover each several times during the debate. Details are your enemy. Quick facts and statistics that are easy to verify are your friends.

Your agenda needs to cover three basic topics, why people should vote for you, why people should not vote for Biden, and how the media and the Democrats have been lying and cheating for the last four years.

Under each topic need to be several important points.

Why people should vote for you.

You have so many accomplishments; the challenge is to trim the list down to areas where voters care the most. Cite job creation numbers for all Americans, especially the middle class. Tally the value of the tax cuts that benefited the middle class, and so on.

Why people shouldn’t vote for Biden.

Another long list. Biden will undo all of the gains you have won for the middle class, lose jobs from ending fracking and drilling, high energy prices from the Green New Deal, increase taxes and hurt the middle class, etc. Biden will rubber stamp the Pelosi/Schumer agenda of packing the Supreme Court, packing the Senate with liberal senators from new states, and ending the filibuster.

The other big issue is election fraud. Democrats have been trying to eliminate all of the safeguards that protect our right to a fair and honest election. This will turn permanent control over to the Democrats, who have promised to attack the basic rights listed in the Constitution – the second amendment, free speech, freedom of religion, etc.

Exposing the media bias and corruption.

The press in our country has been called the Fourth Estate, almost a separate branch of government. Their job was to investigate politicians to keep them honest. But when the media takes sides and not only hides the truth, but creates false stories, they are violating the trust that the American public has given them. When they support one party over another, they are no more than a propaganda mill.

Kristen Welker, has chosen her topics for the final debate…

Fighting COVID-19
American Families
Race in America
Climate Change
National Security

Reading through the list you can clearly see how she plans to spin the questions to hurt you and favor Biden.

We know what Biden will say. For COVID-19 he’ll say you were inept and responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. You will have to recap your entire record in sixty seconds.

For American families, you can say they are the focus of your every effort – jobs, low taxes, good education, etc.

The Race in America discussion will be an attempt to frame you as a racist. You need to point out that a racist wouldn’t be trying to make all Americans prosperous and lift millions from poverty. You should cite black business creation and record employment. The true racists are politicians who want to keep African-Americans dependent on big government and ignore the real problems of crime and violence in inner cities. Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black lives, otherwise they would join in efforts to reform police, not defund them, they would condemn violence, not encourage it.

Climate change is really an excuse to cut American jobs and productivity without any positive impact on the environment. We all want clean air and water, but signing treaties that cost trillions of dollars and exempt the biggest polluting countries makes no sense. We’ve cut our own power plant carbon emissions by 27% since 2005 by using fracking and natural gas.

Whatever Kristen Welker asks about leadership is an opportunity for you to say how you’ve led and how Biden has failed. When she brings up national security, that’s an opportunity to discuss Biden’s corruption and his complicity in the weakening of America under Obama.

Final suggestions.

Practice. Don’t wing it. When you are in a rally and you have two full hours, you can say whatever you want. In a debate with two minute responses and one minute rebuttals, you have to be succinct.

One common debate trick is for your opponent to rattle off a list of well-known lies and accusations as if they were common knowledge. There is no way to refute this in sixty seconds. Instead point out that this is a tactic that the Left uses to smear you. Every item on the list is a lie, and then refute the biggest, clearest one with a prepared response. Then close with “and for the other items on Joe’s list of smears, go to my website and I’ll refute each one.”

Don’t focus on big money or the stock market, instead highlight kitchen table issues such as paying the rent, keeping your job, or getting your kids a good education.

Be polite, positive and presidential. If you get angry, explain why. “I’m sorry. I get very frustrated when…” people lie about me or my family, or Democrats pretend to be helping the people when they’re only in it to get power for themselves.

Use questions and Biden’s answers as a springboard to include the rest of the items on your list.

There are two elephants in the room – Biden’s mental health, and his family’s scandals and corruption. If you’ve laid the foundation for media bias, you can point out that the media is ignoring the stories about Ukraine and China, and the social media are actively censoring stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has the proof. In China, they censor free speech and punish truth tellers, in America, we search for the truth, no matter how rich or powerful or politically connected they are.

President Trump, your country needs you to win in November. Please kick some Biden ass!

Your Loyal Supporter,

Don Rosenberg.

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