Defeating the Mantra of Institutionalized Racism with Personal Emancipation

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Defeating the Mantra of Institutionalized Racism with Personal Emancipation

By Dennis JamisonJune 23, 2020

This past week, many Americans may have become familiar with the traditional holiday of “Juneteenth,” although it is not a recognized major holiday for all Americans. When President Donald Trump announced he was changing the date  of his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma out of respect for “Juneteenth,” many people may not have known what he meant. Yet, it is   a legitimate holiday and essentially a celebration of freedom. The holiday is known by other names like Emancipation Day or Freedom Day, and is certainly deserving of a more substantial place in U.S. history.

In reflecting upon the initial celebration, the joy must have been electric in 1865 when slaves realized the Union Army had defeated the Confederates in the Civil War. It is likely that a majority of slaves had been praying for the day when the white southern power structure of Democrat dominion would be defeated. Yet, despite some slave uprisings or outright revolts, the slaves held no political power, and thus were incapable of freeing themselves. In reality, even Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was not the instrument that freed the slaves. It only laid the foundation for their freedom.

Indeed, Democrat slave owners had to be forced by the U.S. military to free their slaves. Yet, after President Lincoln’s assassination, his ideas for emancipating the slaves never fully materialized.

Emancipation was handled, or mishandled, by the Union Army. Unfortunately, “General Order No. 3” was not so comprehensive. The General Orders – No. 3:

The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor.

The freedmen are advised to remain quietly at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts and that they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere.

—By order of Major General Granger…

Unfortunately, as Union Army “General Order No. 3” took effect, former slaves realized that they had to confront very radical lifestyle changes. They were free, but government handling of emancipation was incomplete. There were no real provisions for shifting into sensible livelihood after freedom was secured through the Thirteenth Amendment. And as could be anticipated after the war, most Confederates were quite resistant to radical changes in their own livelihood, lifestyles, social status, or personal prestige. Newly freed slaves’ homes were on white mens’  lands. What white plantation owner would want to hire a former slave? – or have them remain on their property?

Political power was reconsolidated by former slave owners, and Reconstruction was incapable of solving the incredible problems of resentment that remained long after the smoke of war had dissipated. Although former slaves were free, their survival was linked to economic dependence, and local governments that retained white power, took real advantage of those who had little or nothing. That was real institutionalized racism. Religion and spiritual perspectives helped Blacks who remained in the South to cope with those issues of resentment and economic slavery while able-bodied Blacks headed north to seek economic survival.

After 100 years of economic and political bondage in the South, the core of the Civil Rights Movement ignited in Black churches. It was no accident that the NAACP had searched for Christian ministers to stand up to the reinstituted Democrat power structure. Also, it was no accident that a young black Christian minister named Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. had the courage to stand up to institutionalized government oppression. Only faith could withstand such all-powerful control over Black citizens. Yet, that effort was eventually hijacked by Leftists – especially those Blacks who were linked to the spiritless ideology of the Left and provocateurs of Black Liberation Theology.

The Black Lives Matter organization is a hybrid of blended ideologies and although everyone usually agrees Black lives matter, if one asks a member of the Black Lives Matter organization whether they believe that all lives truly matter, they will often hesitate in answering, or they will answer with a victim mantra. A lie exists at the heart of the Black Lives Matter group because of their disrespect for others’ lives (non-Blacks). This is personal racism.

Today, when the false mantra of “institutionalized racism” drones from Leftists, it is often countered by Black Christian ministers, Black educators, successful Blacks, even Black politicians; yet, the Left will label them as “Uncle Toms.” Such hypocrisy reveals another lie. A third lie also exists at the heart of Black Lives Matter because they seem unable to condemn the genocide against Blacks committed by Black mothers seduced into murdering millions of unborn children via abortion due to Leftist propaganda.

Especially, true Christians in the Black community understand that BLM is a front group for Democrat political hucksters. It has now been proven that people’s donations to Black Lives Matter funnel into Democrat PACs. Intelligent people should seriously wonder whether the real name of the  organization should be changed to “Only Some Black Lives Matter.”

The real nature of institutionalized racism is that the institution of the Democrat Party has been able to propagate selective racism and keep people on their political plantation through mental manipulation and pervasive propaganda. It proves quite lucrative financially, not only by using the “institutionalized racism” mantra, but many other  “tricks of the trade” to promote personal and political power.

Most good people believe that the government is comprised of sincere people like themselves who would not harm other people deliberately. The reality is that much of the usual efforts of most politicians revolves around making money—for the Party of course, but indirectly in the fight for other causes that will deliver voters in elections. It may not matter if they hurt ordinary people in the process.

Consider the recent response to the murder of George Floyd. The mainstream media, propaganda organs for the Democrats, portrayed Democrat leaders as the “saviors” of oppressed Blacks who are ‘constantly’ killed by white cops. But, intelligent people who know the statistics regarding white cops killing black people are not fooled by lies from the MSM and Democrat politicians.

One man was killed, yet millions of dollars of sweat and tears invested in building personal businesses were lost—destroyed by “peaceful protestors.” That did not matter. Did Democrat politicians decry the loss of livelihoods of many ordinary citizens? Even worse—did any Democrat politician decry the many innocent lives lost in the violence unleashed after the murder of Floyd? The loss of one life is tragic, but an “eye for an eye” mentality is worse.

Black people were murdered, and will continue to be murdered in Democrat-controlled inner cities and within the wombs of slaves to the propaganda and politics of poverty that Democrat political plantations sustain. However, most intelligent Black souls in America proclaim their personal emancipation. They do not need another Lincoln or even Martin Luther KIng, Jr. to lead them to freedom. They just have to walk off the plantation! If they need a little help, there are great men and women who are serving like modern day Harriet Tubmans. Candice Owens and the Blexit movement is just one great example.

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