Defund The Police? Bernie Sanders Goes Big With Call To Defund The Military

Defund The Police? Bernie Sanders Goes Big With Call To Defund The Military

By Def-Con News 6/21/2020

Because a black guy on drugs had a heart attack, many of our nation’s cities have been looted and burned to the ground. Instead of trying to gain control of the streets and restore order, the liberals running these places are calling to defund and dismantle the police force. Bernie Sanders, who is further left than any of these kooks, thinks defunding the police is small socialist potatoes so he brought out the big communist beets and is calling to defund the United States military.

Here’s something a guy who hates America and who has never worked an honest day in his life tweeted out:


Bernie Sanders:

Instead of spending $740 billion on the Dept. of Defense, let’s rebuild communities at home devastated by poverty and incarceration. I’ll be filing an amendment to cut the DOD by 10% and reinvest that money in cities and towns that we’ve neglected and abandoned for far too long.


The thing that Bernie leaves out of this ridiculous call to defund the military is all of these “cities and towns that we’ve neglected and abandoned for too long” are run exclusively by democrats. And with all of this neglect and abandonment due to democratic rule, Bernie wants us to give even more money to democrats to waste. How about no? Democrats messed these places up.  Now giving them more money at the expense of national security isn’t going to make thing better.

Speaking of national security, Bernie, a U.S. Senator, has absolutely no idea what the purpose of the United States military is:


Bernie Sanders:

Instead of spending more money on weapons of mass destruction designed to kill as many people as possible, maybe—just maybe—we should invest in improving lives right here in the United States of America. That’s what my amendment is all about.

In addition to wanting to defund the military, Bernie wants to disarm them too. He is using the exact same language his gun-grabbing comrades use when they talk about banning “assault weapons.” The only difference is, he wants to take the assault weapons away from the only thing that guarantees our security and freedom.

The point of the U.S. military isn’t to indiscriminately kill as many people as possible. That’s a juvenile view of the military one would expect from the precocious 10-year-old child of hippies. Our military exists to protect this country from threats to our existence. What that means is that we have to have better stuff than adversaries like Russia, China, and Iran. Our strong military acts as a deterrent against hostilities and must be prepared to deal with any threat, should one of these enemies gets a wild hair.

You would think that Bernie would favor a strong military because if he is to ever realize his dream of a communist revolution, he’ll need ‘em to force compliance and oppress the people. He isn’t turning America into a socialist regime without a steady supply of boots to stomp the opposition and crush dissent.

The dumbest thing about the left’s call to defund the cops and the Pentagon is that they want to take money away from police and the military – the two institutions that we know do a good job, and then dump the money into social programs, which have proven to to be utter failures for generations.

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