Democracy Is In A Fragile State – Answer to Jeffrey Goldberg – Atlantic Monthly- October, 2018

Democracy Is In A Fragile State – Answer to Jeffrey Goldberg – Atlantic Monthly- October, 2018

By Kathleen Hall

Your opening statement, “Amid assaults against the press… democracy is in a fragile state,” says it all. Original article by Jeffrey Goldberg.

You too, have abandoned journalism – a balanced search for truth to serve the American people, in an effort to do justice to the Constitutional protection of a free and independent press. It’s a shame you don’t have the same concern with baseless assaults on our President.

Success will threaten all future presidents and change our country forever because you and others joined the mob to overturn Trump’s constitutional election.

If democracy is in a fragile state, and it is, it is because you and our “Free Press,” as a whole, have used the blessing of free speech as a weapon against half the citizens of the United States who rejected the corrupt and lawless behavior of the far Left takeover of the Democratic party. You threaten our democracy with no thought that your success may transform the best country ever into one where fear, hopelessness and tyranny rule the day. Once freedom is lost, it cannot be restored.

What kind of country will your children inherit? We need to restore the rule of law and show equal justice for the known criminal acts of the previous administration. You need to start doing your job as a real journalist, or we’ll all regret it.

Since this response to Mr. Goldberg, we have witnessed the Democratic dismantling of our country’s judicial confirmation process on the Judicial Committee. We came close to losing the probability of having good, decent people willing to come forward to serve in the future, whether on the court or elsewhere in government, as due process, a basic constitutional protection, was turned upside down. Women should be especially outraged as their legitimate cause was cheapened and used for political purposes, as was Dr. Ford.

There seems to be nothing or no one that Democrats won’t sacrifice for their cause. It is frightening. A free, independent and fair press could make all the difference.

Most recently, Antifa, viciously attacked a group in Portland Oregon, whose demonstration focused on patriotism and prayer, while police stood by, as instructed by top officials there. For two days (as of this writing), there has been no coverage of this incident in the main stream news cycle. Think how much damage could have been avoided if we had real journalists doing their jobs! Democracy is in a fragile state in large part because we lack a free independent press that informs the people of the whole truth, so they can govern themselves intelligently as intended by our founders. If we are to preserve our freedom and a civil society we must vote on November 6, 2018. This is probably the most critical mid -term election in our history.

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