Democrat Chris Murphy Slams Democracy as Unnatural and Illogical

Democrat Chris Murphy Slams Democracy as Unnatural and Illogical

By Def-Con News – 9/19/2020

Democrats have spent all of President Trump’s first term complaining he was destroying democracy because he was doing things allowed by the Constitution and that previous President Obama had also done. Democrats just like complaining, and they don’t care what it’s about as long as it’s Trump-related. As it turns out, they don’t even like democracy. In fact, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy says democracy is unnatural and illogical, and he can’t wait for it to go away.

Chris Murphy, who is most famous for making negative statements about gun control, wrote a book about gun control. The New York Times couldn’t wait to help him promote the book nobody will read so they gave him a fluff interview.

 NYT: In your book’s acknowledgments, you mention the “demoralizing daily cadence of political life in the age of Trump.” I know what that might mean for citizens. What does it mean for a senator?

Murphy: This job is not a lot of fun right now. You have a chief executive who is an administrative nightmare and intent on dividing us — it is exhausting. I have a real belief that democracy is unnatural. We don’t run anything important in our lives by democratic vote other than our government. Democracy is so unnatural that it’s illogical to think it would be permanent. It will fall apart at some point, and maybe that isn’t now, but maybe it is. So I feel like my job is to hold this together so that it survives to the next administration. That’s not the reason you go into any profession: to keep it from falling apart.

Dude, your horrible party’s name is derived from the word “democracy.”

Now we don’t have a direct democracy in this country; it’s a representative republic.  However, in the chambers of Congress, the legislative process is democratic. Murphy says this is both unnatural and illogical because he’s upset that his party aren’t the ones in power in the Senate as well as the White House.

It would be hard to find a better example of the way Donald J. Trump has crushed the soul of liberals than this. Murphy is so angry at the results of elections that put Trump and the Republicans in power that he hates democracy and can’t wait until it goes away.

This also speaks volumes to the Fascist tendencies of Democrats. Murphy doesn’t like that the representatives of the people he hates have the power to block his lunatic agenda and prefer some kind of system where he and his fellow Democrats wouldn’t have to answer to anyone –  say something like a Socialist dictatorship.

To prove what a hypocrite Murphy is, he claims he’s doing everything he can to hold this democracy together, even though he slammed it as a terrible system. Later in the interview, he let it slip that if Joe Biden wins the presidency and the Democrats take control of the Senate, he would suddenly like democracy again:

“My colleagues are still going to be around in 2021, when we’re hopefully stitching democracy back together, and I’m going to need some of them to help do it,” Murphy said.

When Obama was elected president by the Electoral College, it was an awesome important institution. When Trump won by that some process, Democrats said it needed to go. When Democrats held both chambers of Congress, it was the greatest legislative system known to civilization. When Republicans wrestled control away, suddenly democracy is unnatural and illogical.

Democrats only like things that are politically expedient to them, which is another way of saying they hate this country and everything it stands for. You can’t like democracy part-time, nor can you love America sometimes. You either do or you don’t, and they don’t.




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