Democrat Convention – Obama’s Socialist Agenda on Steroids 

Democrat Convention – Obama’s Socialist Agenda on Steroids

by Dennis Jamison – 8/18/2020

Former President Barack Obama’s shadow government may not have been on display as the Democrats virtual political convention kicked off yesterday, but his nefarious influence permeates the Party. From his former Vice President now holding a proverbial scepter (maybe baton – or maybe just a virtual baton) of power from his old boss, to the corrupt Clintons, to Deep State darlings of the mainstream media, Obama’s influence touches every aspect of the “Democratic” Party. Even the ghost of John McCain may be present via the representative of the Never Trumper team, John Kasich.

Of  course, it was Kasich’s “conscience” that motivated him to speak at this week’s “Democratic” Party’s convention. Kasich was an embarrassment to the GOP when he attempted to get his Party’s nomination to run for president in 2016, and now he still shows up as an embarrassment to the GOP, but if he is claiming that his conscience made him do it, keen observers may need to evaluate on what he has based his own definition of conscience. It used to be a term to indicate a discernment of the difference between good and evil. While every man, woman, and child has a conscience, the jury is still out on how healthy a conscience Kasich possesses.

Honestly, for those who are still clinging to some hope that the “Democratic” Party is the same political party as when Truman or Kennedy were alive, those folks need to move beyond their disbelief and acute denial of the fundamental transformation of their Party. However, it is likely that the MSM has done all too great a great job of brainwashing some American citizens that they, and people like Kasich, believe the Democrats have been maligned and are continually under verbal assault from the primary evil on the horizon, and that would be Donald J. Trump. If one buys the MSM mantra, Trump does not deserve to be POTUS because of all the lies that have been invented and accepted as factually accurate news. These people need to move beyond their dystopian bubble.

One absurd symbol of that dystopia is the theme the Democrats titled their convention this year. It is absolutely ironic that Democrats titled the theme of their convention as “Uniting America.” Their concept, from the time of the legitimate election of Donald J. Trump as POTUS in 2016 has been uniting America in hatred against Trump. So, the Never Trumpers, united with the mainstream Democrats, united with the Socialists, united with the Globalist Elitists, united with the terrorists in the streets is what that theme really means. Of course the common element, possibly unbeknownst to useful idiots like John Kasich and Mitt Romney (who also has a swiss cheese-like conscience) is the Socialist agenda.

Obama while he was in office, he did a great deal to fans the flames of racist rhetoric. Is it any wonder that the nation became more divided than before Obama was elected? Obama did more in the eight years of his presidency to negatively disrupt the culture of the United States regarding racial issues than anyone else in the past 50 years. And, since he has created a shadow government from his compound in Washington, D.C.,  he has only turned up the intensity of the racial divisions to a heated frenzy, So, if one examines the current moment from the net effect of Obama’s influence over the Party and removes the MSM hype and false witness regarding the man, he is the one who is a prime cause behind the political criminal onslaught against the Republic.

Today, because of former President Obama, the United States is not only more racially volatile than in many years of the past, but several citizens are doubting if we are still a nation of laws, or whether the Democrat Party elites are immune from prosecution for criminal activity. While the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slowly, political charades continue to baffle the public who are aware of the criminal actions and blatant violation of the Constitution under Obama’s Justice Department. Charades of legitimacy that are portrayed by the Democrat leadership have shrouded the Party since its inception.

President Andrew Jackson was shown to have overstepped the U.S. Constitution when he forcibly removed the Native Americans from their homes and their ancestral lands through the Indian Removal Act. This legislation that Jackson especially shepherded through Congress enabled the federal government to steal the ancestral lands of the Indians. The president and his Party got away with a very blatant redistribution of about 100 million acres of traditional Indian lands. It was determined to be unconstitutional. Nevertheless, Jackson forced the indigeonous people to relocate at gunpoint and absolutely violated the human rights of tens of thousands of the “Five Civilized Tribes” and led to the “Trail of Tears” of the Cherokee people.

In a similar thrust, the anarchists, Antifa Brown Shirts and the terrorist arm of BLM are attempting to take over and occupy large areas of public land, land that it is doubtful the youths involved and their leaders have not paid taxes to have any ownership rights, period. So, it is theft of public property. The response of the Democrat elected officials   in the cities and states where such illegal activity has occurred was tolerance of such lawlessness, and even support for terrorism, trying to label the activity as “peaceful protests.” It is the contemporary Democrat Party that supports this because it is in their political DNA.

Obama seems a modern day rendition of Andrew Jackson – only Obama has an even bigger ego. Recently in June, former President Obama spoke at a fundraising event for his buddy, Joe Biden. In referring to the ongoing unrest around the country that had been instigated and prolonged by BLM, Obama referred to the activity as a “Great Awakening.” As reported in Breitbart in a June 23 article, Obama stated that

… what make me optimistic is, the fact that there is a Great Awakening going on around the country particularly among younger people who are saying not only are they fed up with the shambolic disorganized mean spirited approach to governance that we’ve seen over the last couple of years, but more than that are eager to take on some of the core challenges that have been facing this country for centuries.

Obama certainly wants to sell people on how all those “mean spirited” approaches       to governing is linked to racism. Could that include Andrew Jackson’s mean-spirited tendencies? Could it include the centuries of slavery entrenched in the Deep South that the Democrats refused to get rid of? Could it include the Democrat plan to get the damn Yankees out of their “business” by defeating them in a Civil War — that they started? Could it be inclusive of the horrible violent acts of the Ku Klux Klan tolerated/supported by the Democrats of the South? Would it include violence perpetrated against blacks in those Deep South states via institutionalized racism established under the Democrats? Would the mean spirited approach include the Democrat use of Labor Union thugs to perpetrate violence in the days the Democrats used them as they are now using anarchists, Antifa, and BLM?

Obama’s influence over the Party proves he not only willingly continues to peddle propaganda designed by Democrat Overlords, he is also a major instigator of the course the Democrats are pursuing in 2020. He has a great stooge in Joe Biden and could likely control good old Joe for as long as he proves to be useful to the “Great Awakening.” The Obama fingerprints will be all over the convention, and his fingers can easily pull the strings of someone like Joe Biden.

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