Democrat Dilemma in 2020: A Civil Rights Straightjacket

Democrat Dilemma in 2020: A Civil Rights Straightjacket

By Dennis JamisonFebruary 25, 2020

Since it is still “Black History month,” and since the 2020 election season is now in full swing, it is important to revisit the past to understand the contemporary dilemma of the Democrat Party. Resting easily upon the myth that the Party had somehow changed from their stifling and trampling of Civil Rights in the Old South to becoming the main political party that champions the rights of all, the Party was able to elect a black man as president of the United States in 2008. Nonetheless, former President Barack Obama proved to be more a champion of Mr. Barack Obama and what his puppet masters told him to champion than a genuine champion of civil rights for all. This alone is quite indicative of that the “Democratic” Party had not really changed over the 40 years from the 1960s to the new millennium. Paradoxical, yes, but the “change” was truly overrated.

Obama was a slick politician who preyed upon those who wanted to believe in the illusion that he was the fulfillment of King’s dream

It is now being revealed more and more that the first black president was a tool for bigger fish in the political universe. And, while he appeared to be for the “little guy,” the officials in his cabinet and his administration seemed to be as corrupt as a criminal cabal. If he represented the dream of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. being realized, then there may have been a “great disturbance in the force” somewhere in the cosmos. The illusion that Obama was the realization of Rev. King’s dream is one of the simplest illusions to create because they were both black men. Therefore, it was a no brainer to elect Obama – because all black people believe the same things—right? But, color may have been all that they held in common. So, what does that say about not being judged by the color of one’s skin as opposed to the content of one’s character?

Obama was a slick politician who preyed upon those who wanted to believe in the illusion that he was the fulfillment of King’s dream. Rev. King was a Christian minister, a man of God who spoke of brotherhood and explained how racism was a disease of the human heart. Obama was a politician who uses the cry of “racism” as a political shield and a political spear to deal with his political opponents. And, he was not about bringing people together in brotherhood, he voiced his opinions and took actions which were openly divisive, which led to greater hatred and generated outright violence across the country towards Christians, conservatives, and American patriots. This tactic was a tactic of former slave owners – divide and maintain control. Dr. Ben Carson has explained how that worked on the old plantation system in order to maintain control.

The Democrats have a bigger dilemma than manipulating their own primary election in an un-democratic manner in 2016

Back when the “Democratic” Party was in control of much of the South (Maryland down to Mississippi) there was no question of where the power emanated from because it was quite pervasive and centralized in the hands of the rich and powerful landowners. Currently, the One-Party system is re-surging from the same DNA that existed in political party leadership of the Old South. While the illusion exists, due to subtle propaganda, that the “Democrat” Party of old had changed, and there was a switch somewhere along the American historical timeline, it is only an illusion. The Democrat leaders have learned how to survive to stay in power. The old White Democrat power structure of the South has been replaced, but the true goal has always been to obtain, maintain, and retain power as long as possible, in any way possible.

Another clear example of the current dilemma is the failure in the transfer of power from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Hillary’s Camp ruthlessly thumped Sen. Sanders and did not look back. But, not only did the Democratic National Committee use “Super Delegates” as an insurance policy to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign, but the DNC also plotted to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign with the “Russian collusion” illusion. While Bernie Sanders’ campaign sued the DNC, the courts killed the effort. However against Trump, the DNC was able to activate Deep State operatives in the Obama Administration during the campaign to undermine Trump’s campaign. Then when that failed, the cover up of their efforts churned forward into the seemingly ceaseless investigations, which also forces the American taxpayers to finance such a fiasco. This ended with the bogus impeachment of the POTUS, which also resulted in the failure of the Democrat coup d’état.

The irony is that this year there is no one candidate that appears strong enough to shaft Sen. Sanders the way Clinton did in 2016

Yet, the Democrats now seem to have a bigger dilemma than a black president who showed up to be just as controlling and divisive as the former slave owners of the Old South. The Democrats have a bigger dilemma than manipulating their own primary election in an un-democratic manner in 2016. The excuse was to ensure that their handpicked candidate of choice would win. Civil rights matter? Apparently, treating a candidate like Sanders seriously was not in the DNC game plan. The DNC manipulated the outcome of their own primary “election” in a way a totalitarian regime would do so. The Democrats may have a bigger problem that Donald Trump in 2020. Sen. Bernie Sanders is back with a vengeance.

The irony is that this year there is no one candidate that appears strong enough to shaft Sen. Sanders the way Clinton did in 2016. Is the field of Democrat candidates so weak this year that Sanders will run easily to a primary win in the next few months? The Democrats’ real dilemma is that they created Bernie Sanders by their flirtations with Socialism over the past 100 years or more. Why would they be shocked about Bernie Sanders winning their primaries when he appears as the more genuine Socialist? He represents what the Democrats in 2020 have morphed into. The “Democratic” Party is no more. It is no longer the Party of Harry Truman or John Kennedy as those two were not totally in alignment with Party history. 

If Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner of the Democrat field of those running for POTUS, it simply represents the culmination of the leadership continually courting Socialism/Communism since the days of Woodrow Wilson. Sanders is definitely the matured fruit of that growth. However, for other Democrat contenders, Sanders is like a Don Quixote-like figure, chasing after the windmills of Capitalism, mainly an ideologue who is filled with non-specific platitudes designed to attract and mesmerize the masses of low information, miseducated, or uneducated people. He has no concrete idea of how to implement or manifest many of his socialist policies. Additionally, they see him as quite old—he just had a heart attack—and many are concerned about whether he could last long physically as a POTUS.

So the dilemma is how to eliminate Bernie Sanders from being a serious contender without overtly utilizing any more communist tactics that violate his civil rights. The Democrat leadership must be concerned that as a “marginal candidate” he cannot possibly pull off a win against Donald Trump come election day. Yet, one must wonder if Sanders is such a “marginal” candidate, who cannot win in November, why does he keep winning? Unfortunately, if the Party elites cannot accept Bernie Sanders as the one who will win, and his team of zealots keep pulling off win after win in the beginning of the election season, what can be done to wrest the momentum away from the frontrunner?

The “Democratic” Party has already been exposed for shafting Sanders in the primary election in 2016. And the elitist, donor class of the Democrats, watched in utter dismay when their “horse in the race,” Michael Bloomberg, went down in flames due to the biting rejection of the other “mini” or “wanna-be” Socialists on the debate stage with him last week. The next concerted appeal of concerned Democrat leaders and talking heads is to kick out other “non-performing” candidates who are getting in each others’ way of truly determining the best single challenger to Sanders.

The extreme, irony of this dilemma is how the Elites within the “Democratic” Party can get rid of the true Socialist who would destroy the great business of politics without appearing to exercise a Socialist/Communist tactic like one that Stalin would’ve used to consolidate power. Remember—they’re the Party that stands for the civil rights of all people—possibly even their own leaders.

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