Democrat Leaders: Religious Liberty is Non-Essential, but Violent Rioting is Essential

Democrat Leaders: Religious Liberty is Non-Essential, but Violent Rioting is Essential

By Dennis JamisonJune 4, 2020

Joe Biden, that modern miracle of meaningless political rhetoric, was strongly applauded by the mainstream media for mocking President Donald Trump in a speech the other day. Biden mocked President Trump for holding up a Bible in front of the historic St. John’s Episcopal church (adjacent to the White House) after walking across Lafayette Park. The protesters, or what are being referred to as protesters, were dispersed by the local law enforcement officers and Secret Service officers. And, it was not only Biden, but the mainstream media who jumped all over what appeared to be a staged “photo op” for the POTUS.

Yet, the incident, as well as the response to the incident, are most instructional. It is also symbolic of something very simple, yet indicative of something that needs to drastically and fundamentally change in America.

When police ask protesters to move back or to obey them during a protest, the police represent the law. In the case of Trump crossing Lafayette Park, it may not have been the smartest move the POTUS could have made because it put all those law enforcement officers in a difficult position as they had to protect the president at all costs – even with their lives. However, Trump was also in the position of risking his life in a potentially hostile environment. The basic symbolism was that: he was willing to risk his life in a potentially hostile environment to demonstrate his commitment to something as simple: that the Bible and churches are essential in the midst of this chaos and lawlessness.

How can one determine a potentially hostile environment?

On the Friday before this incident, Washington, D.C. was under siege by unruly rioters who disobeyed established curfews, set fires (one target was St. John’s), and were using Molotov cocktails (they just happened to have for a peaceful protest). Organizers were not in control of the protest because the protest became the foundation for the attack on the area around the White House. That was another photo op for the MSM. and several of their “celebrities” also mocked the POTUS for being ushered into a bunker by the Secret Service over concerns over protecting his life. However, reports indicated that at least 60 Secret Service agents were injured in the violent rioting in and around the White House, and that experienced Antifa leaders were directing the onslaught during this period.

Of course, this act of boldness may not have made the kind of impact that President Trump was hoping for because the secular media was covering the event. And, even religious leaders took up criticizing Trump. The problem is that the symbolism of him holding onto the Bible is lost on people who have little understanding of the Bible or of churches as being essential. The focus was on the dispersal of the potentially hostile mob. And, when Joe Biden makes the statement that Trump should open the Bible, he could take his own advice. There is something in there about bearing false witness against one another. It is in the Ten Commandments—God’s Law.

The same Law that is the basic foundation of the U.S. Bill of Rights. Both are intended to protect people from harm. Sadly, Biden must have stopped reading the Bible long ago, or he never really understood it because he gave up any moral high ground when he bowed to his Party’s demands that he abandon his promise to oppose abortion as a Catholic. The same prohibition against murder in the Ten Commandments also applies to a growing unborn child. It is absolutely not acceptable under God’s Law. Hypocrisy in Biden is lost on the Democrats and the Progressive Left. It was Jesus who asked the question “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Perhaps Biden has sold his soul a long time ago for his own political survival.

Biden also committed a major error when he said that the president should also read   the Constitution as well because there is something called the First Amendment. Again, maybe Joe Biden, and most of the “Democratic” Party should actually read the Bill of Rights. For starters, there is the clause that protects freedom of religion, which some “leaders” of blue states do not want to protect as they harass people of faith or prevent churches from opening to attendees. Additionally, another of the First Amendment protections is for peaceful protesting, not violent rioting or domestic terrorism. But Democrats seem to want domestic terrorism protected.

Joe Biden’s own staff has been helping with bail money for those “protestors” who had been arrested in Minneapolis due to acts of violence during the riots. This seems to be consistent with a number of Democrats that support the release of violent rioters, arsonists, and thieves who used George Floyd’s death to unleash rage, and all kinds of destruction across many U.S. cities. What this says is that Biden and Democrat leaders condone criminals who trash, loot, and burn down businesses and shops owned by the middle class and patronized by common people. Worse – many innocent people lost their lives during the days of violence. Who is rallying for them?

In the moment before Trump went across Lafayette Park to the church, he gave a speech and in that speech he acknowledged sadness over the deaths of those innocent people like the law enforcement officer who has been gunned down in cold blood in California: the Homeland Security officer, 53-year-old Patrick Underwood. Where are those who are rallying for this black man? Where is the Black Lives Matter crowd? Where are leaders in the Democrat Party decrying the violence against innocent citizens? They will not be heard, but their silence speaks volumes. But even when they do speak it is with empty words.

Democrats have demonstrated to all Americans that religious liberty is not a freedom they can tolerate—let alone protect. What they readily tolerate is domestic terrorism that is destroying the fabric and foundations of our nation. If truth be told, the Democrats are the systemic problem to be resolved in America.

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