Democrat Party’s corruption is Incurring Judgment

Democrat Party’s corruption is Incurring Judgment

By Dennis JamisonOctober 29, 2020


Hunter Biden’s laptop has taken center stage in the 2020 election whether people want it to or not. Especially, the Democrats who would prefer it not take such a prominent position in their efforts to tell onlookers, that they “do not need to look behind the curtain – that the Great and {Powerful Oz has spoken.” One has to hand it to the Democrats – they truly have an extremely difficult time to concede the truth, and they will never admit defeat. That is a good fighting spirit, but the sad part about it is they only fight for their Party—nothing more, nothing less.

The current case in glaring technicolor is the fact that New York Senator Chuck Schumer and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden sent a letter to current FBI Director Christopher Wray telling him to back away from investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop. There are so many implications in such an action that it would blow the minds of normal, everyday, law-abiding citizens. First, the fact that this laptop had been in the position of the FBI during the time of Donald Trump’s impeachment debacle, and could have cut short the phony investigations, and saved taxpayers lots of their money as the Democrats burned through the investigations knowing full-well there was no real evidence against Trump.

This in itself reveals two important perspectives:

  1. The FBI is either inept, or it is compromised as a legitimate intelligence-gathering agency;
  2. The Democrat Party is capable of poisoning a top intelligence gathering agency for political gain and retention of personal and political power.

Despite all the lies and pretense in the effort to destroy President Trump ever since he was duly elected, Schumer and Wyden have the audacity to tell the FBI Director to not conduct an official investigation into what has been discovered on the Hunter Biden’s laptop – actually, to clarify: Hunter Biden’s laptop.

It does not take much memory to recall that it was the Democrat leadership that was performing a full-court press to spare no expense to the American taxpayer to investigate idle and unprovable claims that President Trump should be brought up on impeachment charges. So, now the “Schemer shoe is on another foot” so to say, as his candidate is facing real evidence that could possibly implicate Hunter and father Joe Biden in numerous fraud and corruption schemes that took place in Ukraine as well as China. Joe is calling it fake, as is mainstream media outlets who would prefer to bury the expanding story. The censorship of the story is now another side story, as the criminal political cabal is imploding because the fake charges against Trump do no appear so fake against candidate Biden.

At the heart of all this are Schumer and Wyden attempting to curtail the FBI’s investigation into what is on the laptop:

We write regarding press reports concerning materials, allegedly describing activities by Hunter Biden, found on a laptop at a Delaware repair shop. We are deeply concerned about the possibility that, in response to these reports, the Trump administration will take actions before Election Day that would seek to damage the Democratic presidential candidate and undermine the rule of law.

Apparently, the laptop has been in the custody of the FBI since last year, and it would have gone a long way toward exonerating President Trump as he was constantly attacked by the Leftist media as well as the Democrat operatives in the House of Representatives as they laid out their bogus case. However, now that the evidence has surfaced, the truth is being censored, and the Democrats do not want the evidence seeing the light of day in order to salvage their sullied candidate’s chances in the presidential race. This is the deep concern expressed by Schumer and Wyden as well as the rest of the Democrat horde – that “the Trump administration will take actions before Election Day that would seek to damage the Democratic presidential candidate and undermine the rule of law.”

Are not such actions exactly what the Obama Administration, in partnership with Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee, did to destroy Donald J. Trump in 2016? The irony is overwhelming and the arrogance of the Democrat leadership is without measure. The obvious reality here is that the Democrats in power do not realize that more citizens than conservatives are discovering about the Joe Biden-Hunter Biden, and the “Biden 5” corruption in the Ukraine, and in China. Why should this not be important to the election? For four years the Democrats have been slamming Americans about how important it is to look at a public figure’s interactions with foreign governments. So, now why are they saying it doesn’t matter?

This is over-the-top transparent. The Democrat leaders held America hostage over the so-called scandal that Trump was supposedly involved in, which never could be proven. Yet, real evidence is before the public, confirmed as legitimate by the FBI, that Joe Biden and his son were at the core of a real-life scandal in which all the horrors painted one to two years ago by the Democrat intelligence investigations, are now pointing the finger at the Biden crime family. If importance was so highly placed upon investigating Donald Trump’s alleged crimes, why is it no longer important to investigate corruption to protect the Republic? Actually, all the Democrats have already made the case of how terrible it was for America to be mixed up with a foreign government in our nation’s elections or in our politics.  Why should we now disagree if real wrong has been done, if real crimes have been committed?

In January of this year, after Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff made his closing statement, I stated in an article that his words rang hollow and his “…Party’s actions will incur judgment.” Citizens are witnessing that genuine judgment right now. And, such judgment will continue because this political party no longer deserves to exist, as it no longer serves the interests of the American people. The disintegration of the “Democratic” Party has been long overdue. In point of fact, the name is all that exists, but it doesn’t mean anything anymore. The true name of the Party should be the Socialist Party because that is what they have devolved into. Let the judgment fall and let justice roll down upon the Democrats from every sacred place in America.

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