Democrat Stimulus Proposal is “Garbage-disguised-as-compassion”

Democrat Stimulus Proposal is “Garbage-disguised-as-compassion”

By Don Rosenberg – 10/8/2020

The on-again off-again COVID Relief / Stimulus bill is on again. Or is it off again?

Why can’t the two sides get together and give help to the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, or hundreds of thousands of businesses who are going bankrupt? The two sides are “just” $600 billion apart, right? Can’t they just split the difference and help the country?


Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have done this before and they’re doing it again. They’re pretending to want to help the American people, but they’re promoting a bill that is 90% unrelated to the COVID crisis. Instead they are taking yet another stab at trying to get a massive Christmas wish list for their cronies.

Either way they win. If Trump is stupid enough to take the deal, the provisions in the bill will bankrupt our country with zero benefit, and change the balance of power in our country forever, particularly by codifying voting fraud into election rules. If Trump walks away, the Left Media can hound him for not wanting to “work with Congress to help the American people through the COVID crisis.”

Reading through the various provisions, you find elimination of voter ID laws, late counting of absentee ballots (as late as ten days after the election), and mandating same day voter registration, which means anyone with a stack of fake IDs could register and vote countless times. This is part of their long-term plan to use massive voter fraud to win all elections, both state and federal, from now on.

Pelosi’s main allies are the Democrat states, which are so insolvent from wasteful and useless spending that they’re having to raise taxes so high their citizens are leaving in droves. Pelosi keeps claiming she wants to bail out insolvent states because of coronavirus costs, but these states were insolvent long before the virus hit and money has already been allocated for COVID costs in the first stimulus bill.

She also has over $400 billion for state and local governments to spend however they want. She’s even snuck in $5 billion for “community development block grants” labeled as “flexible resources.” What is this for? Basically pocket money for inner city politicians to spend however they want. And she was objecting to spending $5 billion on a border wall?

Supporting schools are another component of Pelosi’s wish list, but she doesn’t care about our children – 98% is simply a gift to teachers’ unions with little for what’s really needed – sanitary, air conditioning and other changes that would make our schools safer. There are even provisions for denying the proposed funds to schools that dare to challenge labor contracts.

Pelosi has $120 billion slated to help restaurants. Great. But of course she couldn’t help but slide in requirements that give preferential treatment to women and minority-owned businesses.

The provision to continue the $1,200 stimulus payments is included, along with $200 million for a vaccine ad campaign, $20 million for the CDC, and $500 million to set up a medical strike force to rush into newly infected nursing homes, but this is pocket change compared to the size of the entire bill. Trump’s best bet is to expose the whole bill as a self-serving scam on the American people and walk away – permanently. If we can win the presidency, the House and the Senate, Pelosi won’t have her job as Speaker anymore and we won’t have to deal with this garbage-disguised-as-compassion.

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