Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders gets mad when called a ‘Democratic Socialist’

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders gets mad when called a ‘Democratic Socialist’

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Bernie Sanders is a socialist who calls himself a “democratic socialist” all the time, but apparently, Socialists can use it on themselves, but anyone else who says it is way out of line. Bernie went off on a journalist who dared call the Democratic Socialist a “democratic socialist.” “That’s our word!” he said.

Bernie sat down for a fluff interview with MSNBC’s John Harwood, but the aging politician was in no mood for a fluffing.

“Would it be your intention to appoint Democratic Socialists to big positions in your administration?” Harwood asked.

Bernie didn’t even wait for Harwood to finish the question before he started getting angry.

“You’re going a little bit too crazy on the word here,” scolded Bernie.

Harwood used “democratic socialist” exactly one time and Bernie thinks he’s going crazy with it? Maybe if he just kept repeating it over and over a hundred times, but this was one time and it’s something that Bernie uses on himself all the time.

Bernie did say “word” and not “term,” so maybe he’s upset by Harwood’s use of “democratic.” In reality, there’s nothing democratic about socialism. Unelected leaders take everything for themselves and tell the peasants what they are allowed to think, say, do and have.

Actually, Bernie was upset by Harwood using the entire term. More specifically, Bernie felt Harwood was creating a panic by saying “democratic socialism.”

“When I talk about democratic socialism, what does it mean? Let’s be clear what it means, let’s not get people overly nervous about it,” continued Sanders.

Is it possible for free people to be too nervous over socialism? No, it really isn’t.

Bernie went on to explain that he defines democratic socialism as “free” healthcare with mysterious funding:

“I want to pay for it in a progressive way. Now you’re asking me to come up with an exact detailed plan of how much every American, how much you’re going to pay more in taxes, how much I’m going to pay, I don’t think I have to do that right now,” proclaimed Bernie.

Yup, his story checks out. That’s definitely socialism.

The thing about Sanders getting testy with John Harwood is, MSNBC was trying desperately to portray his socialism in a non-horrifying light. After the interview, Harwood said this to his cohosts:

“The challenge for Sanders is that word ‘socialist’ is a bit of a touchstone or lightning rod in American politics and a lot of voters are turned off by that and he’s trying to explain why it makes sense,” said Harwood.

The clowns at MSNBC seem baffled as to why people in a free-market representative republic would be turned off by communism. I guess that’s what makes them MSNBC.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist who calls himself a “democratic socialist” because he thinks throwing the word “democratic” in front of something horrible makes it less horrible. He’s wrong. “Democratic” is an adjective like “shifty” or “satanic” that makes whatever follows it a worse version of that thing. “Democratic socialism” is like socialism with herpes.


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