Democrats Accuse Trump of Acts of Violence Against Ukraine President and His Family

Democrats Accuse Trump of Acts of Violence Against Ukraine President and His Family

Courtesy of Def-Con News

The Democrats are in desperate need of a crime to attach to their impeachment effort against President Trump. They tried out stuff like “extortion” and “bribery” with a focus group but those didn’t stick because the evidence doesn’t support them. In a last-ditch effort to slap a crime on their fraudulent impeachment effort, Democrats just started making stuff up like Trump pulled a gun on Ukraine president Zelensky and kidnapped his daughter. Yes, they really did this.

Democrats allege that President Trump threatened to withhold military aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigations into the crooked Biden boys. They rolled out partisan hacks and deep-state bureaucrats who testified it was their opinion Trump did this but the only two pieces of actual evidence beg to differ. In the transcript of the call to Ukraine president Zelensky, President Trump never used military aid as a bargaining tool for Biden investigations, and Zelensky himself has stated he was never pressured.

In Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing, Republican Jim Jordan tried to point out that Zelensky has stated numerous times that President Trump never pressured him for an investigation or threatened to withhold military aid in exchange for anything. Committee head Jerry Nadler called Zelensky a liar and Trump an armed thug:

“Of course he said he wasn’t pressured. He has a gun to his head,” said Nadler.

Later in the hearing, Democrat Hank Johnson accused Trump of kidnapping Zelenski’s daughter with this weird rant:

“That brings to mind the picture of President Trump and president Zelensky meeting in New York in September at the U.N. And a big chair for President Trump, little chair for president Zelensky. Big six foot four President Trump, five foot eleven Mr. Zelensky, president Zelensky. And they’re standing there,” started Johnson.

If they were “standing there” what was the point of bringing up the chair sizes? Never mind that, Johnson was on a roll:

“Trump is holding court and he says ‘oh by the way, no quid, no pressure.’ And you saw president Zelensky shaking his head as if his daughter was downstairs in the basement, duct-taped,” said Johnson.

So Trump is tall and kidnaps girls? That’s a weird variation on, “Trump is worse than Hitler.”

There you have it. The Democrats say that Zelensky’s denial of pressure is irrelevant because Trump has a gun to his head and his daughter duct-taped in the basement of the U.N.

It’s possible that Nadler and Johnson were speaking figuratively, but Democrats established long ago that using violent rhetoric is committing actual acts of violence. Their rules, not mine.

The stated purpose of Thursday’s hearing was to finalize the articles of impeachment before passing them on to the full House for a vote. It will be interesting to see if they amend the articles to include “assault with a deadly weapon” and “kidnapping.” Hey, why not? It’s not any more BS than the made-up crimes of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” that Democrats are already charging Trump with.

Sadly, the accusations from Nadler and Johnson are just as credible as the opinions of the anti-Trump witnesses Democrats are basing their impeachment on.

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