Democrats (and RINOs) think we’re stupid, that’s why they’ll fail

Democrats (and RINOs) think we’re stupid, that’s why they’ll fail

By Don Rosenberg 1/15/21

The Dems are famous for underestimating conservatives.

They thought Donald Trump was just a billionaire playboy looking to play politician. He beat 16 GOP challengers while the RINO’s pick for 2016 spent over $100 million in the primaries and never got more than 5% of the vote, so RINOs hate him, too. In the general election, he beat the full power of the Clinton machine with one-tenth of the money. And the fact that he’s done such a good job being a politician, when he hates politicians, disrupts their whole world. You’re supposed to kiss the rings, pay your dues, climb up the ranks and do what you’re told. Amateurs need not apply. Follow our rules.

But it’s not just Trump they hate. Barack Obama called conservatives “Bitter-clingers” who loved their guns and bibles. Joe Biden said “farming is easy, all you have to do is put a seed in some dirt” and coal miners losing their jobs just needed to “learn how to code.” Hillary thought Trump supporters were stupid and “a basket of deplorables.”

Ever since the brainwashing began in liberal colleges across the country, many of our graduates look down on those with lesser educational credentials. They never learned logical thinking skills or how to present a persuasive argument. Instead they were taught how to parrot the professor’s views to get the best grades, and shout down anyone who disagrees with them or cry that their feelings have been hurt.

These graduates are now teachers, public sector bureaucrats, media broadcasters, and lawyers advocating for social justice. Many have found their way into public office.

Their contempt for those in “flyover country” has no bounds.

They think that censoring evidence of massive voter fraud or shouting down those who want the truth is sufficient. Why wouldn’t they? Everyone they associate with thinks exactly the same. Their hatred for all things conservative and all things Trump is so pervasive that they feel any exaggeration, any lie, any harassment of people with different positions, is completely justified, even if it means the end of free speech.

The ends justify the means, as long as it means ending Trump’s presidency.

So when a newscaster tells you with all sincerity that there was no voter fraud, or a politician looks right into the camera and says the polls aren’t rigged, you don’t buy it for a minute. There are fundamental truths in life that no one can deny.

Our eyes don’t lie.

No matter how much the media tries to spin it, videos showing GOP poll watchers being kicked out of poll counting locations means they’re cheating. We all know that vote counting is supposed to be witnessed by both parties. And the footage showing them thrown out in multiple Democrat-controlled cities at the same time means they coordinated to cheat on a massive scale.

We’ve all seen the video of the suitcase ballots in Georgia. No matter what was inside, or where they came from, we see the workers scanning ballots, and then scanning the same ballot stacks multiple times. This is planned, coordinated fraud, period.

Unless you’re among the brainwashed, real Americans know that racism has been on a steady decline in this country starting with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech in Washington, DC. African-Americans have advanced in education, business and politics and participated in the prosperity of the new Trump economy. Yes, there are a few racists hanging around, and a few of those are police officers who have harassed and even killed unarmed black men, this is abhorrent, but it is declining, not increasing.

We all see the stirred up outrage whenever a black man is killed by a police officer, but when we look at the videos, we see peaceful and righteous protests during the day, and then we see agitators seeded into the crowds trying to stir up violence, rioting and looting. Why would anyone living in an inner city burn their own neighborhoods down?

Agitators are being paid and bussed in to start riots and then leave for the next city. And when the truth comes out that the shooting victim was not a victim at all, but was assaulting the police officer, they are bussed back into town to start more riots.

When a shooting turns out to be unjustified, and there is a chance that the police officer was guilty of racism, the Democrats don’t call for justice, but a complete defunding of all police departments across the country. That’s just stupid, and no matter how loud they shout their slogans, no one believes all cops are racists, even those who live in poor neighborhoods – they want more police protection, not less.

The massive January 6th protests in Washington, DC and across the country were a peaceful response to the outrage Americans feel at all the lies they’ve been told. But just like at Black Lives Matter rallies, Antifa was there trying to stir up trouble. This time they dressed up as Trump supporters. Even so, they couldn’t help themselves and wore the same knapsacks, gas masks and fake “PRESS” markings, just with Trump hats on backwards. There are videos of these people changing outfits behind bushes. Why would anyone do that unless they’re concealing who they really are?

Remember we aren’t stupid. The only reason even a single Antifa member would show up to a Trump rally would be to cause trouble and make it look like true Trump supporters are doing it. This is called a “false flag” operation.

Here is a great collection showing footage of…

  • an Antifa member trying to break into a window, with Trump supporters behind him shouting “Antifa, Antifa!” and pulling him away.
  • Trump supporters actually helping Capitol police as Antifa/imposters started to storm into the building.
  • The guards for the most protected buildings in Washington just melting away, and men in black outfits walking right in.

Here’s a minute by minute account by a rally participant, J. Michael Waller.

We also noticed that Antifa didn’t carry out their normal harassment and beatings that normally follow any Trump rally. They knew the plan was different this time.

Of course the Democrat outcry over the “riot” reached an all-time level of insanity. “Trump incited the riot, he must be impeached right away – without a minute of testimony.” And the RINOs capitulated instantly. All discussion of voter fraud was abandoned and Biden was declared the winner of the election. Very convenient.

We’re smart, we can figure this stuff out.

And we’re smart enough to resist anything the Big-Tech, Globalist, CCP Left tries to shove down our throats if Biden is lucky enough to stumble into office. We’re already boycotting Twitter, Facebook and the other 15 tech companies who’ve digitally assassinated our president.

A complex society like ours needs people to cooperate in order to function. Eighty million patriots and their families won’t be cooperating on January 21st.

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