Democrats, Be Careful What You Wish For

Democrats, Be Careful What You Wish For

by Don Rosenberg – 12/3/2020

As we think through the Democrats’ tolerant positions on voter fraud, let’s look ahead to all future elections. We can now assume that Democrats feel that any single method of fraud is acceptable, as long as it isn’t enough to change an election’s outcome.

They seem to agree that all voting software and hardware systems work just fine and there is no need to ensure that they are free from hacking or manipulation.

They assume that there is no need for both parties to observe the actual ballot-counting process, and there are no restrictions on who can vote using absentee or mail-in systems.

They can all agree not to worry about whether the number of votes is greater than the number of voters in a precinct, district or county.

In these new elections, all that is needed is for someone to pay a fee to register as a candidate and then hire a team of hackers and counterfeiters to manipulate the voting software and print up as many fake ballots as are needed.

But, since all the players know the new rules, they’ll be registering their own candidates and hiring their own voter fraud teams.

Our elections will not be about the issues, or discussing the needs of the voters, but simply who has the best fraud techniques. Campaigns can commission polls that show their candidate has a 17-point margin in the days leading to the election, so the results sound credible.

But what’s to prevent the Chinese, Russians or Iranians from putting forth their own candidates using their agents with American citizenship?

What you’ll end up with is a high-stakes computer game where several teams are hacking into the software, deleting votes, changing votes, and adding votes, while other teams are printing and counting fake ballots. In Democrat-controlled areas, Democrats will win, and in Republican-controlled areas, Republicans will win – unless the Russian or Chinese teams can manipulate the software enough to overcome the fake ballots. And since there is no way to audit the software, the fraud goes unchallenged.

In Democrat primaries, candidates will hack their way to victory, sort of like March Madness where the best geek teams advance to the next round.

Democrats, if you think that voter fraud on the most massive scale imaginable is a good thing for your party because it allows you to get rid of a president you despise, be careful what you wish for, because your favorite candidates will be hacked into non-existence in 2022.

And then, if you don’t like who your new masters have chosen for you as your representatives, there will be no way for ordinary citizens to vote them out of office in the next election.

Once you lose your right to vote, there is no turning back.

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