Denver Post and Jared Polis are hazardous to Colorado Freedom

Denver Post and Jared Polis are hazardous to Colorado Freedom

By Dennis Jamison –August 26, 2019

Several thousands of Coloradans, especially Conservatives, as well as many Republicans, have become a formidable force as they have focused a very serious effort on the recall of Gov. Jared Polis this summer. The effort has been resisted by the state’s mainstream media outlets even before the official procedures were initiated. And the Denver Post, back on July 22nd published an editorial by their Editorial Board telling readers to “Decline to sign the recall petitions for Polis, Pettersen and Lee,” including targeted Democrat senators in their appeal. Presumably the Post does not want to have any harm to come their candidate of choice, or their pet political party. It could be bad public relations for the media outlet, if the candidate they endorsed for governor in 2018 would be rejected because the values of Colorado voters actually do not resonate well with the morally and politically destructive opinions of the media elitists at the Post.

In that July editorial, the editorial board proudly admitted that they supported the issues Jared Polis advocated during his campaign. So, despite the fact that destroying the Electoral College did not come into the daylight during the campaign, the Denver Post, being the “all knowing” media outlet that it purports to be, must have had knowledge of Polis’ intent to sign away the precious votes of the people of Colorado in a national election. Knowing the political implications of the National Popular Vote effort, essentially intended to destroy the Electoral College, the Post also believes the votes of the people of Colorado should be nullified in a presidential election.

The innocuous sounding name of the measure implies something good because it seems the true will of the people will show up in the national election of a president. Nevertheless, if the Electoral College is eliminated, which the Founders created in Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution of the United States, states like Colorado with lower populations will have their votes nullified by the major population states like California and New York. Polis did not disclose his support of this measure during the 2018 campaign. If voters in Colorado had any suspicion that their votes could be nullified by a governor who only cared about his own political party, or his own political fortune, they may not have voted for a candidate like Polis. It It is one of the key points of the recall effort.

Just the National Popular Vote effort, in itself, is one action that lays a frightening foundation for a fundamental transformation of the U.S. political landscape. Such an action, seriously strips away the rights of minorities or more rural areas to have a meaningful voice in electing the president. It is a purposeful effort to undermine the Constitution of the United States. If the people of Colorado do not care about having any meaningful voice in a national election it is possible they do not truly deserve the right to vote. Of course, the eventual outcome in such a progression of this type of an eradication of the right to vote is initially a one party state, like California. The next step is the one party eliminating the need for voting altogether because it would just be a “formality.” That brings Americans full circle back to taxation without any true representation—and “elected” officials who do not have to worry about being accountable to voters because elections will have no meaning.

So the elitists of the Denver Post editorial board were likely in agreement with the essential and willful nullification of the Electoral College and the practical nullification of the votes of Coloradans in an election for POTUS. It fundamentally robs Coloradans of their votes in such elections. So, the editorial board knows best for Colorado? Who decided that? And be sure to decline to sign the recall petitions for Polis because it will benefit elitist politicians who care more for their own political party’s power, or their own positions of authority over people.

If one thinks clearly from a broader historical perspective, it was the Democrat Party of the Old South that fought tooth and nail to prevent black citizens from voting in elections after the time of the Civil War. In fact, one of the primary reasons of the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s in the South was to truly secure the rights of the black citizens to vote in elections. A student of history would realize that It is no accident, or coincidence, that the same political party is now attempting to essentially remove the voting right from the people of Colorado. Jared Polis is a Democrat first, and a Coloradan next – possibly. He is one of the wealthy elitists Americans love to hate, or should that read the wealthy elitists, the Democrat Socialists love to hate.

Yet, with an attempt to undermine the Constitution of the United States through an implementation of the National Popular Vote measures, those supporting such efforts demonstrate they do not have the best interests of a Constitutional Republic in mind. Their version of government under a democracy is not how the Founders created the Land of the Free. The founders understood, as did many involved in the Civil Rights movement that the basic common denominator of a democracy is mob rule—as in lynch mob. The politics of the Democrat Party, no matter what state in the Union, cannot escape their political DNA. They yearn to control, not govern. The Denver Post , and other MSM outlets have become propaganda outlets for the Democrats, and It is best if that is kept in perspective when they tell Americans what to do.  The MSM is complicit and part of the politics of control – not the politics of freedom!

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