Destroying the Electoral College is Just Another Form of Voter Suppression

Destroying the Electoral College is Just Another Form of Voter Suppression

By Dennis JamisonNovember 3, 2020

Anticipating the outcome of the 2020 elections may drive people crazy, and since there is a low credibility threshold for the accuracy of crystal balls, Americans will just have to wait until all the legitimate ballots are counted. Of course, there are a couple of loaded points in that statement. First, the question may linger as to just how many of the ballots were legitimate; and second, how can it be ensured that only legitimate ballots are truly counted. The underlying concern at this point is whether American elections are free as well as fair. It is simply one component of “Making America Great Again.” Most people should agree that America could be considered great again when elections no longer fall under suspicion like those elections in the so-called “third-world” nations.

Currently, there is little difference as cheating is just another term for one political party’s “shrewd election strategy.” Not that cheating is above either party, Americans are aware of it, and the cheating can be identified and can be prosecuted, (which it has), and such actions are punishable under the law—unless it is not. Ever wonder what happens to those who are caught in election fraud? Ever wonder what happens when people cheat and are not caught? Well, that would be a non brainer because cheaters would be put in a position of responsibility as an elected official. Cheating actually eats away the deeper integrity of America’s elections, and if unchecked, cheaters are elected and become our “leaders.”

That in itself should be a scary enough thought, but only recently have many American citizens become concerned about election integrity enough to take action against those multiple ways in which elections can be stolen. An interesting side note is that Hillary Clinton felt she was cheated out of winning the presidency in 2016 because of that dastardly Electoral College, which is the Constitutional method by which our president has been elected since the very beginning. Now, it has been observed that Ms. Clinton has become an elector in the state of New York, so much for the illegalities of how some Democrats now view the Electoral College.

In fact, at least since the 2016 election outcome, in which Hillary Clinton was not able to be coronated POTUS by the Left, the criminal political cabal going by the name of the Democrat Party has been totally intent on destroying the Electoral College. Of course, in some quarters, even some politically-correct Democrats will not call it what it is, which is the intent to destroy the Electoral College. They have given it a sanitized and politically correct name: the “National Popular Vote.” Who would oppose a national popular vote? Some Democrat candidates must have worried that some of their constituents may not have wanted to surrender their votes to more populous states because sometimes they never even told their constituents they supported such a move.

When the essential task is taking over the entire country, who would care if people in Colorado, Montana, or North Dakota were screwed out of their votes in a presidential election? The object of controlling the entire population becomes much easier when it is just the supposedly “educated” people in the cities who realize that “popular” means the most densely populated areas get to have their say over the rest of the nation. When it comes right down to it, politicians in the Democrat Party want to have complete control over the nation’s people, and in destroying the Electoral College, it also destroys the intent of the Founders to permit a voice to even the less densely populated areas. If the people are too simple to realize the long term plan, one day they will slip it past.

That day may not be too far away. American citizens may be concerned about the passage of the “National Popular Vote,” but few realize that it is the states that will be determining the outcome of such a national effort. The “National Popular Vote” bill will go into effect when it has been enacted into law by states possessing the 270 electoral votes that represents a majority of the 538 total electoral votes. By this past July, it had been enacted into law in 16 jurisdictions, which held 196 electoral votes. These states are all controlled by Democrat legislatures. One can go online to the National Popular Vote website and check it out.

So, how far off is the destruction of the Electoral College? This election may determine how rapidly or slowly that fate may transpire. It was former President Barack H. Obama who was fond of reminding the public that “elections have consequences.” They do—but not just in the moment, they also bear a cumulative, long-term effect. While everyone is overly concerned about Trump vs. No Trump, the local and state elections have serious impact over the long haul. If Americans only concentrate upon that which is front of their noses, they may lose a true sense of what the big picture for the “Democratic” Party is for their long-term control agenda.

Already, California is a one-party state, and this is the model by which the new “control freaks” in the Democrat Party is installing one-party systems throughout the nation. And, controlling a few more states on the road to getting control of the 270 electoral votes is not that difficult based upon the slow, steady, step-by-step advance in each election. If one sees the perspective of the long term control agenda, it doesn’t truly matter what is going to happen in the 2020 election to the Democrats, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were “throw away” candidates. However, what the Democrat leaders were not counting on was the “carelessness” of Hunter Biden in leaving his laptop laying around.

What is important in the long run is whether the Democrat Party can continue to remain a relevant political party in light of some of the political “stunts” their leaders have been involved in over the past few decades. Former President Bill Clinton’s sexual relations with Monika Lewinsky seem like high school perversion compared to the high level, high stakes actions of spying on a presidential candidate, trying to frame that candidate, and creating a charade impeachment. The Democrats have crossed into the realm of crime

at the highest levels of the nation’s government—borderline or outright treason. It is very serious, and for the Democrats to continue to exist into the rest of the millennium is truly in their hands and in the hands of those they can manipulate. The mainstream media is capable of the manipulation, as the media moguls are real good at it—it could rival the old KGB exploits at times. However, even the MSM is now being questioned from within as the painters of doubt and the weavers of lies ultimately have their own consciences to face.

This is what it really gets down to. Cheating on the elections, lying and bearing false witness, and spying on fellow Americans, and lying about such actions, and lying to oneself about who you really are. This is where the Democrats are in 2020. It is not even so much that they are embracing Marxism and Socialism that is the real problem with the Democrats. It is that the Democrat leaders are willing to do so much just to control other people.

How does that match up with the Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation? Even, how does that match up with common honesty, or decency, or genuine concern for others? They like to hear themselves spout off about this. Many Americans know that these Democrats are not being real; they know that the Democrats cheat, lie, and are willing to steal elections. Is this to be admired? Do they want their children to grow up and become such people? Do they even care about children growing up?

All of those who have the name of being a Democrat should look closely at what they are truly doing in attempting to cheat others out of their votes. That’s what the Democrats did in the Deep South when they denied the right to vote to the Blacks. If Democrats are supposed to be “Progressive,” it means nothing if the National Popular Vote is just another scam to make the low information voters believe another lie—another scam to cheat people out of their votes.

In all honesty, the judgment upon the “Democratic” Party has been long overdue. Those who call themselves Democrats, who think of themselves as “Progressives,” should be ashamed of themselves because those terms no longer mean what they at one time meant. They are names that cover crimes that no one should be proud of. If the crimes of the Democrat Party have gone unpunished until now, such as suppressing the votes of the Blacks in order to control their lives, let justice be served now. The Civil Rights Movement may have ended the wrongs of voter suppression, but it apparently did not end the ones capable of suppression. That has to end now.

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