Did Democrat Chris Murphy Coach Impeachment ‘Star’ Witness Against Trump?

Did Democrat Chris Murphy Coach Impeachment ‘Star’ Witness Against Trump?

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It wasn’t shocking to learn that the whistleblower who sparked the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Trump had met with and was coached by Rep. Adam Schiff before filing the complaint, so this shouldn’t be all that surprising either. Star witness Bill Taylor, who has apparently given damning testimony against President Trump behind closed doors, had a very nice two-hour dinner with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy just last month. I wonder what they talked about.

Bill Taylor, a top diplomat in Ukraine, testified before the Democrats’ top-secret tribunal masquerading as an impeachment inquiry on Tuesday and what he said must have been bad for Trump because it is leaking out in real-time. Reports are that Taylor has countered the President’s assertion that there was no quid pro quo by withholding military aid unless Ukraine investigated Joe Biden and his crackhead son, Hunter, as well as the origins of the Russian collusion lie.

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump’s top envoy to Ukraine told House impeachment investigators on Tuesday of intense efforts by administration officials to secure politically motivated investigations of Trump’s rivals in exchange for a White House meeting with Ukraine’s president and critical military aid, according to sources in the room for the testimony.

William Taylor prompted sighs and gasps when he read a lengthy, 15-page opening statement that appeared to undercut Trump’s denials of a quid pro quo, two of the sources said.

Taylor had previously sent a text to European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland saying, “I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.”

Sondland replied, “Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The President has been crystal clear: no quid pro quos of any kind. The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign.”

If the liberal media reports are true, and why would they be, Taylor has testified that there was quid pro quo with Trump withholding military aid to the Ukraine in exchange for promises of investigations into the Bidens and Democratic party chicanery.

And that’s what makes this tweet so damn interesting:

Chris Murphy


I had a two-hour dinner with Bill Taylor when I was in Kyiv last month. What an impressive man — a true patriot who didn’t have to come out of retirement to accept this difficult assignment. But he did because he loves his country.

Last month? When all of this impeachment garbage started? And for two hours you say?

Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their efforts to frame the President at this point. Chris Murphy, a U.S. Senator and potential juror in an impeachment trial, had a casual two-hour dinner with the Democrats’ star witness against Trump. This is as bad as Adam Schiff coaching the whistleblower in filing the original complaint.

It looks even worse because Bill Taylor was Obama’s Ukraine ambassador who then went to work for a Congressional think tank.

While the liberal media is flipping out over Taylor’s testimony, calling it the smoking gun that will finally take down Trump, Fox News gave them a little dose of reality:

As for Tuesday’s testimony, Taylor was described to Fox News as a “good” witness for Democrats and, on balance, “not good” for Republicans. But Fox News is told Taylor did not deliver new evidence to strengthen the Democrats’ impeachment push.

The sources said Taylor had no firsthand knowledge or other direct evidence that Ukrainian officials knew that aid to the country had been suspended at the time of the July 25 call between Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Democrats’ entire impeachment case against President Trump is based entirely on second- and third-hand information from politically motivated partisans. Meanwhile, there is the transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine president Zelensky, which shows no quid pro quo. Plus, Zelensky has said he wasn’t pressured to investigate anything and wasn’t even aware that military aide was being withheld.

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