Did the House of Representatives Flip to Republican?

Did the House of Representatives Flip to Republican?

By Don Rosenberg – 12/8/2020

On December 1st, the first witness at the Arizona State Legislature hearing with Rudy Giuliani was US cybersecurity expert Colonel Phil Waldron. He… “presented an email sent on Nov. 10 from an anonymous individual claiming to have witnessed a detailed plan to embed 35,000 fraud votes to each Democrat candidate’s total votes while at a Pima County Democratic Party meeting in September.

“Please be advised that Pima County Recorder … and the Democratic party added ‘fraud votes’ in the initial count to the vote-by-mail totals released at 8 p.m. on Nov. 3rd, 2020,” reads the email.

“So this coincides with what we observed in the data analytics at that spike. We weren’t aware of this email until after the fact. So there were approximately 35,000 fraud votes added to each Democratic candidates’ vote totals,” said Waldron.

“According to this individual, who appears to be an IT specialist in Pima County, the 35,000 votes were embedded in a “spread configured distribution” and auto-adjusted to the real voter turnout. The “fraud votes” applied to both local and federal election candidates.

“According to this email, it was all local and federal races,” said Waldron.

If this is true, the voter fraud plans are likely to have been implemented throughout the rest of the country in Democrat-dominated counties and states.

A quick analysis of close House races shows that there were 41 House races where the margin of victory was 35,000 or less. Of those, Democrats won 38, Republicans won 2 and one is still uncertain. There were 23 Democrat winners in battleground states. The race for Arizona House District #2, which contains Pima County, was decided by 38,970 votes in favor of the Democrat.

When comparing the change in votes from 2016, there was an average increase in voting of 17.5% in the close election battleground states and California, but only 12.4% for the rest of the country. This 5.1% difference adds up to 16,950 more votes per seat than expected and bolsters the idea that the “add 35,000” fraud theory is plausible and may have been widespread.

The current tally in the House is 222 Democrat and 212 Republican. If the results in just half of the suspect seats in battleground states are overturned, then Republicans would have 224 and the Democrats would have 210.

Looking at the big picture, the Republicans fared much better than pundits expected in House races across the country. Not a single Republican incumbent was defeated, they won all 27 races considered to be toss-ups by the Cook Political Report and most of the 26 of the seats that were deemed either leaning or likely Republican.

If the fix is in for the House, then Senate races also need to be reexamined. In Georgia, Perdue missed the 50% runoff point by .3% and in Michigan, Peters beat the Republican John James by 92,335 votes. Instead of a hotly-contested runoff in Georgia, with its own polling irregularities, we’d currently have Republicans in control of the Senate 52-47, with only one race remaining in Georgia.

Multiple analyses of the election, viewing both voting result statistics and wider voting trend indicators, indicate massive fraud. If this can be proven, then what we had was a Trump landslide in the presidential election, the Senate, and even the House.

We must all insist on complete exposure of the 2020 election fraud crime and complete prosecution for all involved at every level.

Without free and fair elections, our country cannot survive.


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