Disarm the Victims

Disarm the Victims

By Jim Bratten – 4/12/21

Biden’s “Executive Gun Control Action,” promised during his campaign with threats of Beto O’Rourke as “Gun Czar,” is here, and it’s devious, as one can imagine.

Joe delivered his diabolical “Gun Violence” plan for law-abiding American citizens last week. Immediately, the familiar lies started to flow. And there was nothing in it that would adversely affect the criminal element or stem the flow of illegal firearms.

We’ve heard these repeated over and over again: Joe will “…close the gun show loophole,” even though this doesn’t exist. At a “gun show,” the paperwork one completes is the same as at a gun dealer.

“Stabilizing braces will be illegal.” This will end up in a court decision similar to the overturn of the bump stock ban. It does nothing to “save lives.”

“Gun violence is a public health problem,” Joe says (which it isn’t), and he promised that “Ghost guns will be taken out of circulation,” without understanding how “ghost guns” are manufactured.

Democrat Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) proclaimed that, “The epidemic of gun violence in this country” is a worldwide problem. But, homicide by firearm in the U.S. has steadily dropped over the last 20 years. In this country, it’s not an “epidemic” and never has been. Biden used the same talking point, stating, “…gun violence is an epidemic, and an international embarrassment.” Wrong again, but besides not being an “epidemic” by any definition, why would Americans care about what the “world” thinks of our Second Amendment freedom? Most of the oppressed populations on this planet would do anything for a Second Amendment to protect against tyrannical governments. Unfortunately, for most of them, it’s far too late.

Biden’s gun control plans also promise “community-based solutions, rather than incarceration.” Tell that to the people you disarm, as you push for police defunding and release felons to the streets. In the Biden Disarmament Plan, felons can vote, but if law-abiding citizens cannot possess firearms to protect themselves from armed felons, they become disarmed victims.

Joe once more touted the success of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and his role in it. More lies – his participation was minimal at best, and the 1994 ban did not reduce fatality rates from so-called assault weapons. It had little to no effect on numbers that were already coming down steadily. The argument against sport rifles, labeled “assault weapons,” including the types loosely grouped as AR-15s, is bogus. And, this blame game used by the Left, that most “gun violence” is committed by these assault weapons doesn’t hold up –  it’s a lie, simply by the government’s own numbers. In 2019, a “Homicide by Weapon” table showed: handguns, 6,368; knives, 1,476; rifles, 364; and shotguns, 200.

If his nonsensical, unconstitutional ideas are allowed to morph into illegal executive orders, the lives of many more law-abiding Americans will be sacrificed as firearm ownership becomes more difficult. The right to self defense, from criminals or a despotic government, will be erased by the signature of a despotic alleged president, attaching his name and office to documents he hasn’t even read. By his actions, he will violate a human right he has no power to limit or deny; a right given by God. But an understanding of that truth is impossible within Progressive ideology.

Joe Biden said, “No amendment is absolute.” That should tell you all you need to know about the Biden Regime’s unconstitutional plans for our Second Amendment, which IS “absolute.”

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