Disturbing News About China

Disturbing News About China

By Michael J. Lewinski  03/11/19

In an article, Charles Hugh-Smith was trying to dispute the idea that China is doing well.  “… if everything is going great in China’s economy, why did President Xi feel compelled to declare himself president for life? Why is China rushing to install an Orwellian system of monitoring of behavior, online activity, etc., with heavy penalties for those who violate official norms?

Here’s another obvious question: what is it saying about China’s future prospects that those who know China best (i.e., insiders) are fleeing the yuan and moving their capital overseas?

We might also ask why critics of official policy are censored or even swept out of view. Are these the actions of a secure, confident ruling elite? The short answer is no, and some of that insecurity is undoubtedly the result of the increasingly fragile nature of China’s growth story.”

These kinds of developments in China are disturbing. When Charles Hugh-Smith wrote this, he was warning us that we can’t escape the consequences this development would have on us. When authoritarian regimes get into trouble, they distract the domestic population by turning to foreign aggression and war.

In the Philippines this year and in recent years, they have rammed and sunk Philippine fishing boats. They have also warned off U.S. Navy warships and planes conducting rite of passage exercises, sometimes with dangerous maneuvers near coral reefs they have built up into islands which they are militarizing.

Unfortunately, we may be heading down the path to war. In recent war games with America and NATO versus China or Russia, we lost every time. Maybe that’s why the Trump administration requested a $750B defense budget. Contact your members of Congress to support this request.


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