DNC Head Tom Perez: Socialism Makes Capitalism Work

DNC Head Tom Perez: Socialism Makes Capitalism Work

Courtesy of Def-Con News 9/15/19

If George Orwell ever ordered a word said at a restaurant, Tom Perez just showed us what it would look like. In his best Doublethink, the DNC chair said that socialism makes capitalism work. This dovetails nicely with the party’s other counterintuitive narratives that killing babies saves lives, disarming people makes them safer, and taking people’s money makes them wealthier.

Perez went on Fox News to discuss and defend the socialist descent of the Democratic party:

“Socialism is the oldest trick in the book,” said Perez.

Actually, “pull my finger” is the oldest trick in the book, but that was hardly the biggest lie Perez would tell.

“When Social Security was debated, when Medicare was debated, when the minimum wage was debated, Republican opponents of all of those three critical elements of our social compact said this is socialism,” he said.

Maybe that’s because Social Security, Medicare and a forced minimum wage are all examples of socialism. Hell, Social Security is screaming that it is socialism with its name. Perez even calls this stuff part of “our social compact” which is another way of saying “socialism.”

Now, wait for it…

“What Social Security and Medicare and the minimum wage have done is to make capitalism work for everyone,” claimed Perez.

Wow, so without socialism, capitalism is unworkable? Who knew?

“Voters are smart. When you have coverage for people with a preexisting condition, I’d hardly call that socialism. I’d call that sound health policy and sound economic policy,” said Perez.

Yes, voters are smart, at least some of them, and they can tell a socialist rat when they see one. The Medicare-for-all plan pushed by the Democrats doesn’t simply cover people with preexisting conditions, it takes most of everyone’s paycheck so that lazy people can have “free” health care. And yes, Tommy, that’s what everyone on the planet besides you would call socialism.

Saying socialism makes capitalism work is like claiming that enslavement allows you to be free. These are two opposites that do not complement each other or work together. The truth of the matter is capitalism works in this country despite the Democrats’ efforts to destroy it with socialist policies.

Capitalism works best when the government butts out and lets the free market determine things. Socialism, on the other hand, requires 100% government intervention to force things. Capitalism is freedom while socialism is repression. These two systems are diametrically opposed and can’t exist side-by-side.

Socialism doesn’t make capitalism work because socialism doesn’t work at all. Any country that has tried socialism has failed miserably. The current socialist countries are absolute shitholes filed with miserable oppressed people who spend most of their time waiting in line in hopes of getting a meal that day.

Meanwhile, capitalist Americans are buying guns, eating cheeseburgers, and drinking Coca-Cola through plastic straws with money they earned. Interestingly enough, guns, meat, sugary drinks, plastic straws, and money are all things Democrats want to take away from us with their socialist policies.


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