Doing your homework during troubled times

Doing your homework during troubled times.

by by James Harrison 4/5/2020

We are told education is the key to our children’s futures, critical it seems, and, of course the USA has the best system in the world, right? Again, that is what we’ve been told, and what the majority of American’s have been engineered to believe. If you are looking for a new home and you have children, there had better be a “good” school system in the potential community. Amen? But, there has been a change of late.

In the United States, we are now, for use of a better term, under a national “house arrest” as we try to figure out what to do with the mysterious viral threat. Many Americans have died already, thousands of others are assumed to have it, and countless more have lost their jobs over the fear of its potential. Our governors and national leaders have taken draconian measures to make sure we don’t lose one more American to this menace. As a result, our government-run schools have even been shut down. Classrooms are empty, athletic stadiums remain deserted, and there will likely be no traditional high school graduation exercises this year and perhaps, even in coming years.

Doing the Math

So let’s add this up. Education is critical, a must for all, especially children. However, our public schools, on which most parents rely for the education of their children, are closed. Plus, we find that many parents are now at home, along with their children because the U.S. economy is tanking, sending millions of working Americans home. Teachers are not doing personal house calls –  mothers and/or fathers – are now housebound along with their children who still need educated so . . . now what?

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

But, hold on there pilgrim. Am I about to suggest that because of this chance occurrence parents should actually consider educating their own children? No way, right? First of all, most parents are not trained teachers so, end of story. To whit, I say, “aren’t these the very mothers and fathers who taught their children how to tie their shoes, how to eat, and where and what to do when their food completes the digestive process?” These are guardians who have nursed their children back to heath and acted as psychologists when necessary. Yet still, they are assumed to be incapable of teaching their children the three R’s. Then again, who better to teach a child than a parent?

Is not every child a combination special needs and exceptional child when it comes to the family teacher? Will not the parent pay more attention in these smaller classrooms and make sure a child is able to realize its full potential? Teaching is not only what both men and women can do, it is something that husbands and wives were designed to do. All children respond to mothers and fathers much differently than a complete stranger, and they should.

When the Economy Returns.

After this threat ends and our economy gets back on its feet, I believe those who took the homeschooling challenge will have learned valuable lessons. One good outcome could be parents will now know from experience that teaching their child is an option. Many may find it the best of all possible scenarios. What was previously thought impossible and lost in our history is now not only possible, but actually practical.

Parents will have a better knowledge of the supposed mysteries of education, whether they have achieved their formal master’s level in education or not. As a matter of fact, homeschooling a child might just be considered doctorate work, comparatively speaking. Folks, if General Motors can make respirators and pillow manufacturers can make hospital-grade protective masks, do you really think that educating your own child is any less pragmatic?

Home Ec

If you talk to any homeschooling parents, you will find their children learn a lot more that just “reading, writing and arithmetic” – and much better I would suggest. And, for the curious, these sons and daughters are not being indoctrinated in multiculturalism, diversity or how to find their real gender. No, the possibilities are truly endless. What I am talking about may be as simple as a parent who runs a small company being able to give their children an education in business or perhaps teach them a valuable trade instead of helping them learn more about global warming. Some children may even learn how to sew, make a dinner, take care of a brother or sister, fish or plant a victory garden, as there is no teachers’ union to dictate the curriculum. It wasn’t long ago, schools used to provide home economics or Future Farmers of America and other trade training, but these were budgeted out for more social indoctrination.

Born That Way

In closing, please know children are born to the best teachers they may ever have. If education is as critical as they say it is (we spend billions of dollars on it annually);  if congregating in public is causing severe health problems; and, you find yourself home-bound as a result,  then is not homeschooling a “natural” solution? Think about that. Our government says families must remain in confinement, and that education is critical. How about we take advantage of this situation?

Putting Things in Perspective

During a most pressing time in England at the height of World War II, Winston Churchill said, “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes, we must do what is required.” Sometimes, doing our best is just not enough, and we are required to go beyond what it is we believe we can or should do because of necessity. Mom and Dad, for such a time as this, amen?

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