Donald J. Trump: The President America Hates to Love

Donald J. Trump: The President America Hates to Love

by Jack Meyer, Aug 10, 2020

WASHINGTON: President Trump has created a nation of schizophrenics. On one hand, it is hard to argue that this results-oriented President has been incredibly successful in many diverse areas of national leadership. At the same time, on any given day, he is able to stir up a frenzy that ranges from bewilderment to anger with a single tweet. Over the past three and a half years, he has checked off as an “accomplished” campaign promise after campaign promise from the 2016 election.

The results have been until the pandemic sidetracked things, a nation with a strong economy and that is recognized as a blatant truth-teller throughout the world.

President Trump’s Foreign Policy

One has to think hard to remember the challenges facing the nation when Trump was sworn in on January 20, 2017. ISIS, a terrorist group, had taken control of large sections of Syria and proclaimed it a new caliphate. Reckoning back to the “glory days” of Islam. This self-proclaimed nation-state, they claimed, would draw all Muslims together as one, governed not by secular government, but by Islam. Their goal was death to Israel and death to America.

By simply taking the shackles the Obama administration put on the US military off, the territory was liberated quickly. ISIS, while still plotting, has been relegated to hiding in dark corners of the world.

Demanding a non-Nuclear Iran

An agreement was in place with Iran that gave them the authority to begin pursuing advanced nuclear capabilities, with the world’s approval, just nine years from now. Of course, the deal also left a great deal of verification that it was abiding by the terms of the agreement up to Iran itself.

By agreeing to the deal, Iran was given billions of dollars in cash by the Obama administration. The US cash gift was then used to fund terrorism throughout the world.( Ransom or leverage? $400M to Iran played role in hostage release)

President Trump withdrew from the agreement and began slapping sanctions back on Iran. Vowing that Iran would never acquire a nuclear weapon.

A sense of Presidential style

President Trump’s unusual style of diplomacy, spouting effusive praise on leaders of Russia, China, and even, ultimately, North Korea, has caused havoc among Congress and media talking heads. His desire for closer relations with Russia and his refusal to publicly criticize Putin was, perhaps, the seed that led to the Left’s narrative that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to rig the election for Trump.

Even after a $40 million Independent Council Investigation concluded that there was no collusion, some on the Left still use those talking points.

However, as highly as the President speaks of the leaders of competitors,  even enemy nations, his administration has been tougher on them than any other in recent history. Trump shipped arms to Ukraine, allowing them to defend themselves against Russian aggression. Obama had provided blankets and MREs. President Trump added to the sanctions toward Russia that the Obama administration had placed on them. He expelled dozens of Russian diplomats from the US and even played hardball with allies of the US to discourage them from sourcing their petroleum needs with Russian oil.

With North Korea, Trump used the threat of the military and economic power of the United States to curb their aggression while at the same time painting a picture of a potentially economic wonderland if Kim Jong Un would give up his nuclear weapons and join the world of cooperative nations.

While Kim Jong-Un appears reluctant, at best, his aggression has subsided considerably.

China and COVID

Interestingly, even in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, the President seems reluctant to attack his Chinese peer directly. And yet, after getting China to the table for successful trade talks, his administration has shown bright lights on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) responsibility for the spread of the pandemic and the human rights violations that approach Nazi Germany’s level.

Trump makes no bones about his revulsion toward the CCP’s actions. He has worked to rally the world to oppose it. In July, he closed the Chinese consulate in Houston.

Trump has even developed reluctant respect from friendly nations. Every nation needs to pull their own weight. Trump alone got NATO nations to increase their contribution to the organization by billions of dollars per year.

President Trump’s Domestic Policy

Trump inherited an economy that had an anemic growth pattern. Obama had announced that it was “the new normal.” However, Trump was able to accelerate economic growth in the United States, primarily by reversing the policies of the Obama administration. The President slashed government regulations and warned those in his administration that no new regulations were to be brought to him unless the carrier also had 2 or more regulations to eliminate.

He has cut eight regulations for everyone added.

Bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

President Trump has personally called many CEOs whose companies had plans to move manufacture outside the US. Using virtual arm twisting arms and painting a picture of the future convincing them being Made in America was the right goal.

He scrapped NAFTA and renegotiated it in a way that was fairer for the US, but also was beneficial to Mexico and Canada. He even used the “t” word (tariffs), where other countries were not competing fairly in the world market. As a result, the decline in manufacturing jobs was halted and, in the first three years of his administration, Trump has added 480,000 such jobs.

Utilizing a combination of tax cuts and cuts in regulations, the Trump administration has given companies the confidence to invest in their businesses in the US.

Over 7 million new jobs were added in the first three years of the administration. This compares to 2.45 million jobs in all 8 years of the Obama presidency.

Unemployment was reduced to 50-year-lows. Discouraged workers returned to the labor market. Minorities and women enjoyed the lowest unemployment rates in history. High employment spurring wages higher.

For the first time in many years, the USA is oil independent under Donald Trump. No longer are we obliged to other nations for needed oil.

The Trump administration re-invested in the military.  Under the Obama administration, weapons had become obsolete. Equipment was not properly maintained and sat unusable for a lack of spare parts. Training had been reduced to meet an artificial spending limit. Those issues are no longer a problem.

Note: This article is Part 1 of an article with the same title.  A link to the original articles can be found below, but Part 2 will appear in our Thursday edition.

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