Donald J Trump: The President American’s Hate to Love (Part 2)

Donald J Trump: The President American’s Hate to Love (Part 2)

By Jack Meyer, 8/10/2020

Editor’s Note: We begin Part 2 of Jack Meyer’s article with the first and last paragraphs of Part 1. The article continues to its conclusion from this point. A link to the original article as it was posted in the Communities Digital News can be found at the end of the article. 

President Trump has created a nation of people feeling like schizophrenics.  On one hand, it is hard to argue that this results-oriented president has been incredibly successful in many diverse areas of national leadership.  At the same time, on any given day, he is able to stir up a frenzy that ranges from bewilderment to anger with a single tweet.  Over the past three and a half years, he has checked off as “accomplished” campaign promise after campaign promise from the 2016 election.  The results have been, until the pandemic side tracked things, a nation with a strong economy and that is recognized as a blatant truth teller throughout the world…

The Trump administration re-invested in the military.  Under the Obama administration, weapons had become obsolete. Equipment was not properly maintained and sat unusable for a lack of spare parts. Training had been reduced to meet an artificial spending limit. Those issues are no longer a problem.

The Corona Virus

Trump is now being tested as no president has in over a century.  The deadly corona virus was knowingly unleashed on the world by the Chinese Communist Party.  Consider the challenges the President and his team faced:

  • The CCP refused to cooperate with world nations, instead coaxing the head of the World Health Organization to publicly state, in January, that there was no evidence of human to human transmission of the virus.
  • The virus was unknown previously so experts had to learn about it as the US and cooperating nations experienced it first hand
  • The Federal stockpile of medical supplies that was established in 1999, anticipating regional emergencies, was sorely inadequate.  In addition, the N-95 face masks in the supply were drawn down in 2009 by the Obama administration due to the H1N1 virus, but that inventory was not restored.

Trump drew on all of his experience and his team of experts to make difficult decisions:

  • President Trump restricted travel from China on January 31 as some, including Joe Biden, said the move was hysterical and xenophobic.  Travel from Europe was restricted in early March and others followed.  Experts have indicated that these decisions likely saved millions from getting the virus early and many deaths as a result.
  • When they realized the anticipated shortfall in PPE and respirators the President reached out to private industry to use their creativity and capacity to manufacture the supplies.  Many companies stepped up and began manufacturing things they never had before.  Trump declared a national emergency, giving him the authority to take over private industry, if need be, for national good.  He resisted acting on it, rather, keeping it in his hip pocket in the event a company needed coaxing.
  • As more became known about the virus and due to the need to minimize new cases so the medical systems would not be overwhelmed, Trump made the decision to advise all states to shut down their economies, and encourage most workers to remain at home for a 15 day period.  Multiple aid packages were developed with Congress in order to help people and small companies through the shutdown.  Unfortunately, the shutdown has lasted for many months in some locations and for some industries.  They continue the work to pass additional legislation as needed.
  • Medical experts advised Trump and the public that a vaccine would take 18 months to two years, at best, to develop.  The President pressed, asked the right questions and commanded the implementation of operation “Warp Speed”.  This joint effort between multiple governmental agencies and private companies has the goal of having 300 million doses of vaccine ready to administer by January of 2021.  The country will begin manufacturing the most promising vaccines in large quantities even as they enter phase three trials of the development process.  How does this compare to previous vaccines?  Moncef Slaoui, chief adviser of Operation Warp Speed told CNN, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and the fastest thing that I ever can remember that went from discovery to Phase Three trials was in four years.”  

If these and other accomplishments by the Trump Administration were placed on paper without being tied to a name, most would be amazed that a government could accomplish so much in a short time.  Some would not believe it.  Yet, the Trump administration has accomplished these things during a time when the opposition party was spending millions of tax payer dollars trying to link him to a conspiracy.  95% of all efforts by the Democrat party during Trump’s first term has been to impeach Donald Trump, which they succeeded in doing (though he was never convicted in the Senate), or trying to make Trump look bad.

The Rolling of the Eyes

A record like this will cause a president to be forever beloved by the people, or so you would think.   However, Donald J Trump is hard to love.  

Many cry for greater transparency in government.  Trump is so transparent that he says whatever is on his mind, whether he has thought it through or not.  His poorly-crafted comments have caused his opponents to claim he is a racist.  His impulsive comments sometimes have worked directly to take the public’s attention off of one of his successes and focus, instead, on his controversial comment.  He attacks people personally; he behaves like a bully, and self-obsessed would be a modest description of his ego.  How could he get himself in trouble so often?  He’s not always in public.  No, but he has a Twitter account.

The President’s most ardent followers love it.  They think, “He says what many people are thinking.”  They have longed for decades to have a conservative in the White House who fights back, unlike most conservative presidents who seem to have believed it was beneath the Office of the Presidency to go there.

Others who love what he has done, cringe with many of the things he says.  “Why did he have to go there,” is a common retort.  With a roll of the eyes and the shake of the head, they are ready to change the subject.

Then there are those who can’t get past his words.  His opponents and much of the media are obsessed with his words.  He is loathed above anyone ever seen in politics and as a result, they will never credit him with anything for fear a voter might think a positive thought toward him.  

Perhaps his success scares them more than anything.  In January of 2020, Trump’s economy was so incredible that the only thing they could attack was his character.  The only thing that could stop him would be a pandemic that killed more than 150,000 people and put 10 million people out of work.  And that is the hope of the Democrat party.  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has called it the “Trump virus.”

It will be interesting to see what drives the voters in November.  Will it be the desire to have someone in the White House that makes things happen, for the benefit of the American people?  Or will it be their desire not to have to hear or to read every thought of the president for the next four years?  People have control of what they read and listen to.  Their only control of our country’s direction is their vote. 

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