Dr. Ben Carson’s Wisdom in Action

Dr. Ben Carson’s Wisdom in Action

Dennis Jamison, 7/16/19

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, spoke to thousands of Christian Conservatives and patriotic Americans in Denver, Colorado last weekend at the annual Western Conservative Summit. Dr. Carson provided a clear, common sense prescription he is using for the transformation of the government agency. He sees the mission to actually have the government work for the genuine good of the people rather than just appear to work for the welfare of the public. He explained that there were three serious components of his prescription:

1) revitalization; 2) innovation; and 3) deregulation.

Dr. Carson, like many of President Trump’s cabinet members, has been attacked by the Left. Yet,  it may be that the politics of perpetuating poverty is being truly threatened by the good doctor’s prescription. Carson shared with the audience a bit of his own life experience in poverty and being raised only by his mother after his parents divorced. To Carson, housing means more than just having a roof over one’s head. It is, more importantly, a place where families are raised. And, his leadership at HUD reflects that internal perspective. As a result, the strategy he is employing at HUD has reduced homelessness in several parts of the nation — especially for veterans.

However, Carson is doing more than just helping people find housing, and his vision of the real revitalization of the inner cities works in harmony with a president who understands the economy. Carson explained that he did not believe in the “normal” up and down fluctuations of the economy. He said he believed that there were government administrations that understand how a good economy should work, and then there are the ones that do not understand how to promote a healthy economy. He explained that President Trump believes that a rising tide floats all boats. So, the revitalization of the economy under President Trump permits a focus beyond the horrible problems of homelessness.

Based on the efforts of a president who is capable of understanding the economy, revitalization is progressing. So, Carson is now doing more than addressing the problems of homelessness as he is promoting homeownership and private investment into the economically depressed zones in America. He went on to explain that homeownership has declined in the past few decades. Yet, because the general economy is being revitalized under President Trump, it benefits even those caught in cycles of poverty in the inner cities. Unfortunately, the mainstream media would rather criticize or ignore Carson’s effort at HUD because it does not fit with the mere narrative that only Democrats care for the poor and disadvantaged citizens.

The reality is quite different, as most of the major problems of homelessness persist in the major Democrat-controlled American cities. In the one-party state of California, Democrat-controlled Los Angeles and San Francisco are now notorious for the rampant problems of the growing homeless populations. Despite this glaring fundamental failure of Democrat-based policies and programs, on July 10th, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the California bill, SB-104. This legislation extends federal Medicaid healthcare benefits to illegal aliens between the ages of 19 and 25 years. This is in direct contradiction to federal law providing for the Medicaid program that prohibits payments to states for medical aid to immigrants not lawfully admitted for permanent residence into the United States.

The SB-104 legislation makes California the first state to provide coverage to illegal aliens through its Medicaid program. It is likely to cost state taxpayers $98 million in its initial year. And, since Medicaid is a federal program, it also means all working American citizens are helping to pay for the healthcare for the illegal aliens in California. The bill is set to commence in January 2020. According to reputable sources, California’s state budget is $213 billion. Ironically, any of the “surplus” funding will not be used to help veterans or the homeless in California’s major cities. The contradictory approach to sound economic logic and common sense that Democrat leaders demonstrate through their public programs is not only unsustainable, in Newsom’s actions, it is also illegal. He makes California unique in the sense that he is directing the state to reward this criminal activity.

By contrast, Dr. Carson’s approach at HUD is to work within the law, and to create significant opportunities for the poor and economically disadvantaged through what he calls “opportunity zones.” At the Summit, Carson explained that these positive economic development areas were able to originate due to Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. Secretary Carson is attempting to also promote and generate private capital investment into these economically depressed inner-city areas. This is able to provide greater stability within such opportunity zones because business investors are able to provide continuity even when elections result in political administrations being antithetical to sound economic advancement or progress. [798]

Secretary Carson, who sought the Republican nomination for president in 2016, has currently been speaking in public about putting his faith into practice while in the federal government. In late June, Carson spoke publicly in Washington, D.C. at the annual Road to Majority Conference, hosted by the evangelical Faith & Freedom Coalition. Carson, a devout Christian who regularly shares his faith, told the audience that when he came into government, people told him that he should “stop talking about God so much.”

“I said, ‘That’s not happening because that is a very important part of who I am,’” Carson declared to the D.C. gathering. “People who say stuff like that, do they realize the founding document talks about certain unalienable rights given to us by our Creator — A.K.A. God? The pledge of allegiance to our flag says we are ‘one nation under God.’ In many courtrooms on the wall, it says ‘In God we trust.’ Every coin in our pocket or bill in our wallet says, ‘In God we trust.’” Dr. Carson went on to proclaim, “If it is in our founding document, if it is in our pledge, if it is in our courts and it is on our money and we are not supposed to talk about it, what in the world is that? Schizophrenia!” Carson used the medical term referring to a mental disorder that impacts how a person thinks and behaves and is often characterized by hallucinations and delusions.

As in his presidential campaign, Dr. Carson usually urges people to have “courage” to support and defend the values that the foundational principles of the United States. It is perhaps one of the deeper reasons he stood up and took responsibility to run for POTUS in the first place. In many public speeches, the Secretary declares that Americans should “not allow anybody to suppress our faith in God.” This is wisdom that could benefit the average citizen as well, but it could also serve as guiding wisdom for public servants in the government. And, such wisdom coupled with common sense action would transform for good the economically depressed realms of the nation with several positive results. It would seem America would also benefit from a few more Dr. Benjamin Carsons too!

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