Driving Over The Cliff

Driving Over The Cliff

By Ray DiLorenzoDecember 5, 2020

If Biden should win the White House, we could be dangerously close to the unthinkable…financial and political collapse, with the probability of Civil War to follow. Democrats would assume executive power in a nation as divided as it ever has been in our history. They will nevertheless take a road that could see the auctioning of America and our end…a drive over the cliff, with Democrats and globalists at the wheel.

Biden is a globalist, a man mentally impaired, feeble, but easy to control. He has few core values, unbothered by his political profiteering, an intelligence risk, a sexual predator vulnerable to blackmail. Harris is a committed socialist. She sees laws, political power, and men as a means to get elected, and pursue an agenda.

Since the War Between the States, Democrat leaders, at one time or another, have retained their memory of that conflict and have searched for ways to take power and hold onto it indefinitely. Wilson’s effort to re-segregate society and FDR’s four terms, and his attempt at packing the Supreme Court attest to that effort. They no longer want to win elections, they now insist upon it. There is no longer any pretense of being amiable. They want nothing to stop their pursuit, and so far in 2020, nothing has. They have found allies to that end in the dark places of globalist cabals, in addition to foreign nations that seek our demise.

With the Left’s insistence on mail-in voting, no ID, early voting, many voters were turned away at the polls only to be told they already voted. Their excuse for this turmoil was a minor, probably manufactured, flu-like pandemic, hyped for effect. The chaos that has ensued was just what they had hoped for, and what they plan for the foreseeable future. The lockdowns and facemasks have a purpose, and it is not about your health. The UK is telling their citizens they may be wearing masks for the next several years in spite of a vaccine.

The hundreds of witnesses of ballot fraud, tampering, and computer vote theft are now coming to light, but Democrats falsely reassure voters it has made little difference. They are even promoting carpetbagging, moving to states like Georgia in order to vote for the Democrats in the Senate races. While the Left employs their 24/7 media propaganda machine, they want us to believe a candidate that did not campaign, can’t fill a small room, and struggles to construct a complete sentence, beat a president and a movement more popular than any in the last 100 years.

With a new Biden presidency, a total financial collapse is probable. A financial downturn was expected in any case, but with a Trump presidency, it might have been delayed or even avoided. But, with a Biden administration, it will be engineered, carried out, and could happen within months. The globalists will not allow Biden to take the blame, so it must come soon after he assumes office, fabricating it as a consequence of the Trump years. In the last presidential debate, Biden did promise a ‘dark winter.’ If Biden should falter or have a change of heart, he will be promptly replaced by his VP, the woman who will and has done just about anything for power.

The collapse will usher in foreign entities, seemingly to offer aid, but in reality will assist Democrats who will then initiate the globalists’ plans. Plans like the 2030 project, the Green New Deal, the end of borders, a cashless society, the end of privacy and private property, the adoption of eugenics−ridding the world of ‘useless eaters’, the rise of the religion of ‘sustainability’ and a one-world government. The ploy will be to ‘save America and the world.’ The reality will be the end of America and freedom. The common enemy they have worked so hard to cultivate and sell will be in stopping climate change, using an angry, 16-year-old, activist school girl to attest to it, and the ‘preserving of the environment for all to enjoy.’

There is no longer any disagreement on whether globalists exist. For the past 10 years, because of alternative media (the only reliable news source that remains), they have been forced into the open. They are psychopaths, indifferent to empathy and compassion. In their eugenics publications, they view themselves as the 4% elites, superior in intellect. In reality, they are more consistent with the 4% of the world population with sociopathic tendencies. They see lesser individuals as tools of their comfort and pleasure. They are rigidly secular and do not recognize any superior being.

The globalist mantra is the survival of mankind, peace and prosperity for all. In reality, they will take everything you have and transfer ownership to a global entity for their purpose while watching millions die in their depopulation scheme. All with the aid of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, of which we have a torrent.

The reaction of Americans will not be one of retreat or withdrawal. More than half of the nation is in no mood for the present and coming Democrat shenanigans that will drive our nation toward further instability. About 140 million households own or have access to firearms. If just 10% decide to protect their property and way of life, an army of 14 million Americans, many with military experience, and led mostly by baby-boomers, will think differently. The globalists will answer with blue-helmeted UN troops or those crazy enough to take on provoked Americans. Some say that BLM and Antifa augmented with veterans of Occupy will act as shock troops. I believe they will shrink at the prospect.

Winston Churchill described the ‘American Race’ as always doing the right thing. Churchill was correct. We will defend our nation. We will not falter, we will not retreat. Our people testify to it, our history demands it.

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