Election 2020 Front Battle Lines Now the Average Homefront


Election 2020 Front Battle Lines Now the Average Homefront

By Judi McLeod October 1, 2020


Smug and arrogant Democrats are feeling cocky that they have Election 2020 in the bag by simply denying the victory of President Donald Trump when he leaves opponents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris bellowing in the wind.

But it is their strategy and not Election 2020 that they are running aground.

Prime example: Confident that the masses are locked up in their homes and won’t come venturing out to Election Polls for fear of catching the virus, Democrats fail to see that the masses have turned their stay-home strategy to full advantage.

Private homes are now the Election Battlefront for the largely Democrat-ignored masses.

People can reach out to neighbors and friends from the comfort and privacy of their own homes,  warning them them that the only way to win is to VOTE IN PERSON, while the Democrats’ trashed Mail-In ballots are showing up everywhere.

Millions of people are working through long nights spreading the ‘Save America from Socialist Democrats’ message from the comfort of their own homes…”Is the coffee pot on, Honey?”

There’s no place like home for getting necessary work done, hair-styled or not—but elitist Democrats never thought of that.

Add to failed Democrat strategies Tuesday night’s 1st presidential ‘debate’.

“Washington — The commission that oversees the general election presidential debates said Wednesday it will be making changes to the format of the remaining two debates. One key change it plans to implement: Cutting off the microphones of President Trump and Joe Biden if they break the rules, according to a source familiar with the commission’s deliberations. The plans have not been finalized and the commission is still considering how it would carry out the plan.” (CBS, Sept. 30, 2020)

A task hard to take, given that 90-plus percent are virulently biased against one of the candidates.

Not only are debate masters scrambling to find ways to make media-monitored debates more credible in upcoming debates, but Fox News has been outed as a powerful Never-Trump network.

There’s no guarantee that Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris will be elected all because Biden called the president a “clown” and “liar”, telling him to “Shut up, man”; no guarantee that viewers will look to Fox News in the same way they did before the presidential debate.

While the egotistical Wallace and Biden were holding their own Tuesday night laugh-in, patriots were already on the Internet and their phones, sending out a ‘Vote Trump’ message.

Democrats were collectively laughing on Tuesday—but wailing as of today.

First up to the Wailing Line is Michelle Obama, who, along with her husband, Barack, is still trying to impose her will on the masses even four years out of office.

“I feel you. Believe me, I do,” Obama told her 42 million Instagram followers and 17 million Twitter followers one day after Trump debated Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Cleveland. “But we can’t let him win by tuning out altogether. That’s what he wants.” (Fox News, Oct. 1, 2020).

“She said Americans need to turn their disgust into votes for Biden – and make sure everyone they know has a plan to vote.

“It’s the only way we can get out of this chaos and restore some stability to this country,” she said.”

The former first lady seems totally unaware that millions “feel” the same way about her as school kids felt about her lunches they dumped into the nearest garbage disposal.

When not electioneering, the Obamas have been spending their time pushing the Mail-In vote that have left ballots in the same kind of dumpsters and running the propaganda show over at the sleaze-producing Netflix.(Sen. Tom Cotton: Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ is child pornography hiding in plain sight – it is Hollywood exploitation)

It’s all over for the Obamas, O’Bidens, the Clintons and the coups, other than the long wait they intend to impose on the masses admitting that “the enemy” won.

Meanwhile, the biggest laugh of all of them will come when the masses working from the new Home Battlefront get to tell them.  “It was YOU who made it all possible!”

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