Elizabeth Warren is Counting on Illegal Aliens to pay for her $52 Trillion Medicare-for-all Plan

Elizabeth Warren is Counting on Illegal Aliens to pay for her $52 Trilling Medicare-for-all Plan

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Elizabeth Warren has taken a lot of flack for how she intends to pay for Medicare-for-all, so she released a detailed plan in hopes of silencing critics. Instead the $52 trillion (yes trillion) plan raises even more questions: She claims she can fund this behemoth without raising taxes on the middle class and will get most of the money from the rich. One of the more interesting streams of revenue is from illegal aliens. In fact, the entire plan is dependent upon open borders and amnesty, which is actually the least workable thing about it.

Pundits and politicians from both sides of the aisle are ripping Warren’s plan apart because the numbers don’t add up, but the real problem with it is she is depending on illegal aliens to pay for part of it. This becomes a non-starter because she says as president she wants to get immigration reform done before tackling Medicare-for-all.

Here’s something buried deep in Warren’s M4A plan:

Immigration Reform

I support immigration reform that’s consistent with our values, including a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and expanded legal immigration consistent with my principles. That’s not only the right thing to do – it also increases federal revenue we can dedicate to Medicare for All as new people come into the system and pay taxes. Based on CBO’s analysis of the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill, experts project that immigration reform would generate an additional $400 billion in direct federal revenue.

You got that? To help pay for Medicare-for-all, Warren wants to give citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens and then open up the borders to let everyone flood in this country. That may be consistent with her principals, but not America’s, and that’s a huge problem.

George W. Bush couldn’t get immigration reform done and neither could Barack Obama. There is no appetite in this country for open borders, amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens. No law coming close to this will ever be passed. If Warren has to get immigration reform done before she can do Medicare-for-all, it’s never going to happen. Thankfully.

Not that it matters, but another huge problem with this illegal alien scheme is these poor destitute mooches aren’t going to be paying into the system, just taking from it. Rather than boosting the tax base, open borders and amnesty will create tens if not hundreds of millions more dependents. Not only can’t Medicare-for-all give “free” health care to existing Americans, it will be overwhelmed by a tsunami of third-world immigrants.

This ridiculous amnesty plan does reveal that Warren is lying about not raising taxes on the middle class, however. If she’s planning on taxing poor immigrants, chances are she’s really going to stick it to working Americans.

Taken in its entirety, Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-all plan is actually a blueprint for the destruction of the United States. It transforms our sovereign free-market Republic into a socialist occupied territory. Thank God that Warren will never be president and this plan will never be implemented.

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