Elizabeth Warren Says if she is President, She’ll let Other Countries Nuke Us

Elizabeth Warren Says if she is President, She’ll let Other Countries Nuke Us

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Until now the only 2020 democratic candidate with a nuclear weapons policy was Eric Swalwell. Sure, his policy was to nuke Americans who refused to disarm and he dropped out of the race, but at least he had one. Elizabeth Warren has stepped up to fill the void and announce her own nuclear weapons policy which would also destroy America. According to the Massachusetts Senator, if she were president, she’d let our enemies nuke us first, vowing no preemptive nuclear strikes.

I have a theory that Democrats try to say as many disqualifying things as possible to confuse people in hopes that they are overwhelmed and won’t remember how terrible they are. Here’s another in the long line of Elizabeth Warren’s disqualifying statements:

Elizabeth Warren @ewarren

The U.S. is not going to use nuclear weapons preemptively, and we need to say so to the entire world. Our first responsibility is to keep ourselves safe. Our military is the best on earth — but we need to use every diplomatic tool we have to prevent nuclear conflict. #DemDebate

Wow. Really? She wants to let the whole world know that as president she will sit back and let our enemies nuke us? That’s pretty much inviting a nuclear strike on the U.S., which, if memory serves me correctly, is treason. She’s giving military strategy (material support) to our enemies. If Donald Trump laughing about Hillary Clinton’s hacked e-mails is treason, like the Democrats contend, then surely giving our enemies all the information they need to destroy us counts too, right?

As a pretend native American, Warren is apparently relying on the failed strategies of American Indians to let the enemy completely obliterate them before getting bitchy about it.

Someone should let Warren what a completely horrible idea this is. Any nuclear first strike on the U.S. would take out all of our nuclear weapons, making retaliation impossible. Perhaps she thinks we can retaliate with tomahawk missiles launched from Apache helicopters. Again, I’m making fun of the fact that she spent most of her life pretending to be an Indian princess.

The reason why there has never been a nuclear war is because of the concept of “mutually assured destruction.” Nobody wants to launch on anyone else because the retaliation would be just as devastating and all countries and the world would be destroyed. Elizabeth Warren is getting rid of that fear by saying, “Go ahead and nuke us. We’re taking the high moral ground.”

Warren, like all democrats, hates America and wants to destroy it. She wants to pulverize capitalism, replacing it with socialism. She wants to annihilate American sovereignty with open borders, flooding the country with hostile foreign nationals. She wants to shred our Constitutional rights with gun control, limits on free speech, and the elimination of due process.

It looks like Warren had an epiphany and found a quicker way to destroy America. Instead of fighting for unAmerican unconstitutional increments of destruction, she can just get Russia or China to obliterate us and be done with it.

Democrats have developed this narrative that anyone who votes for President Trump is supporting racism and therefore a racist. It’s bullshit, mostly because Trump’s “racism” is an invention of the Democrats. However, anyone who supports a democrat for president will be voting for the destruction of the United States. An Elizabeth Warren presidency means this country will cease to exist. That’s not hyperbole, she’s straight-up saying it every day. For once, actually believe a democrat.

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