Elizabeth Warren Says There Will Be More Mass Shootings Unless Democrats Get Rid Of Filibuster

Elizabeth Warren Says There Will Be More Mass Shootings Unless Democrats Get Rid Of Filibuster

By Def-Con News – 3/23/21

Democrats never want to let a perfectly good tragedy go to waste, which is why they dance in the blood of mass shooting victims to push unconstitutional gun control. Elizabeth Warren is doing this with a twist. In the wake of the Boulder, Colorado shooting, the Democrat says there will be more mass shootings unless they can successfully get rid of the filibuster.

Last week, there was a shooting spree in the Atalanta area that left eight people dead. Then, earlier this week, there was a mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store in which 10 people died. After a year of no mass shootings, they’re back just in time for the Democratic-controlled government to ram through gun control.

There’s just one problem as Elizabeth Warren sees it:

“Week after week, month after month, year after year – the gun violence doesn’t end. And things won’t get better until Democrats get rid of the filibuster and finally pass gun safety legislation that a huge majority of Americans support. What are we waiting for – another tragedy?”

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) March 23, 2021


Unless Democrats can have unchecked power, people will die! Surrender all your rights or everyone dies!

Warren wants to get rid of the filibuster so she and the Democrats can pass their anti-Second Amendment agenda – also their anti-American/anti-Capitalism agenda, but this article is about the gun control aspect.

The filibuster requires a 60-vote threshold in the Senate to advance a bill to a floor vote. The purpose of the filibuster is so the majority party can’t pass a radical agenda, and it’s worked to keep our country from being destroyed by Democratic party lunatics. Getting rid of it would spell doom for America, considering Democrats have the White House and both chambers of Congress.

There is still a Conservative majority in the Supreme Court, which could act as a last-ditch barrier to a filibuster-free Congress, but some of those Conservative Justices aren’t as conservative as they should be, and it would be better to not have to rely on them to preserve our rights.

Plus, if the filibuster was gone, Democrats would pack the Supreme Court with Liberal justices, and the Second Amendment would be ripped from the Bill of Rights.

Since Joe Biden stole the 2020 Presidential election, and the Democrats stole control of the Senate, we’ve seen what Democrats do with power. They’ve created the illegal alien invasion and passed a massive Socialist spending bill under the guise of COVID-19 relief. Imagine how they would abuse their power if Republicans couldn’t filibuster.

Also, while we’re here, have you noticed how Democrats keep saying the majority of Americans support their unconstitutional gun control agenda? What is this based on? Where is the proof that this is remotely true? About half the country supports gun control, and the rest of us don’t.

If Elizabeth Warren is allowed to scalp the filibuster, this country is done for. The America we know and love would be gone. Democrats want to destroy this country, and with total power they would finally be able to do it.

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