Encouraging Conservative Change for the Good

Encouraging Conservative Change for the Good

By Michael J. Lewinski  01/05/18

John Mauldin,  in his newsletter, “Thoughts from the Front Lines,”  predicted a bumpy 2019. He is a really bright person whom you should read. Unfortunately,  he requires a paid subscription; a reasonable amount, but exceptional value.

He began his essay with a quote from Macbeth:  “Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” He was foreshadowing the complexity of the challenges that lie ahead in the United States. He broke these down into three categories;  Dangerous Addiction, Disappearing Liquidity and Blurry Lines. He identifies new political, economic and geopolitical challenges we will confront this year and the possible consequences.

The challenges; the Federal Reserve Board (FED) and monetary policies, the trade war and tariff, and losing the political ability to work together against common problems. He observed,I see dangerous times coming. I’d like to be wrong about this, but I don’t think I am. I think 2019 will be a Year of Living Dangerously, followed by the 2020s as a Decade of Living Dangerously.”

This fits in neatly with  the Strauss and Howe’s predictions in the The Fourth Turning. In their work they identified the likely triggers for the coming crisis        as debt, civic decay, and global disorder which Mauldin also touched upon.

Mauldin wrote about problems caused by the FED, government deficit spending, political gridlock, massive debt by government, corporations, and individuals,    and problems associated with a long government shutdown. He explains why China cannot give the United States all the things that the U.S. wants without destroying their economy.

It’s too late  for us to do anything to avoid a crisis. Therefore, it’s going to have to be conservative politicians, business leaders and civic authorities to pick up the pieces and restore order and resurrect a stable institutional system. That is why Americans are going to have to support President Trump, conservative senators and congressmen, and mostly all other conservative politicians.

As has been explained before, citizens are going to have to continually  communicate with Conservative politicians to let them know you support the unpopular thing they have to do to fix the problems. They will not be able to do     it otherwise.


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  1. Kathleen Hall -

    You are right Mr. Lewinsky, it is scary, complicated and it is up to us to cease being spectators, if we have been, and make our voices heard as part of our basic duty as citizens. A phone call, e-mail or letter, to let our feeling be known, means much more than we may believe. Imagine if everyone did just one thing to show our support for our President and for the preservation of America as we know it.

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