Enemy of the State: Are You? Am I?

Enemy of the State: Are You? Am I?

by Craig Huey – July 2, 2020

I have been called by some an Enemy of The People.

What they mean is I am an enemy of those who promote socialist and collectivist ideas and policies.

I am an enemy of those who want to destroy our constitutional protections and individual liberty.

I am an enemy of those who wish to destroy the free enterprise system and impose socialism and more control.

I am an enemy of those opposed to Christianity and faith and want the government to be the object of worship.

Let me explain.

  • The government declared my business “non-essential.”

  • The government said I could not attend church.

  • The government said I could not travel or fly on airplanes.

But I did not obey the government.  I have to admit it.

I continued to do business.

I continued to attend church in person – the churches who opened illegally.

I continued to travel and fly on airplanes.

The politicians and bureaucrats tried to stop or restructure my life during the pandemic lockdown.

They did a very good job.

But, like many, I worked around their coercion and rules.

A few years back, my wife Shelly and I stopped at an old restaurant on the Czech/German border.  For centuries government and dictators had fought for control over the people in that area.

On the restaurant wall across the entire room was a slogan used by these people. It was not written in English, so I had to ask for interpretation.  And several people were happy to tell me.

The sign read:

I am free.

I will always be free.

They said this even though they were controlled by a variety of governments and they found themselves living between war and factions.

Today, they continue their business.  They continue their lives.  They continue operating around government. And, they are free.

I have to admit this…I am an enemy of the state when the state tries to ignore the constitution and individual rights.

I am an enemy of the state when they try to stop religious freedom.

I am an enemy of the state when they try to interfere with a person’s ability to build their lives as they seem fit – as long as they harm no one else.

The propaganda war to force people into fear and compliance with government has worked just as it has worked with other governments throughout history where the power of the state has distorted truth and imposed controls on people and suppressed opposition.

The truth will come out.

The truth is coming out.

The truth will set us free.

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